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2018 is the year the millennial general will put an end to many things like females tearing down each other, and instead we saw the rise of female empowerment. This has been shown in momentous events like ” Women’s March in 2018” that brought together thousands of women marching against the same cause. Here in Jamaica, female empowerment is also on the rise as female powerhouse entrepreneur Cortia Bingham, the CEO of We Inspire Ltd is blazing the trail with her We Inspire Women Movement.

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Each year, We inspire attract thousands of women across the Island inclusive of (young girls and teenagers) with events that inspire and empower girls/women to maximize their true potential and to find their purpose and abundant life. Today, the Haute Lifestyle goes Behind the Seams, with Cortia Bingham to learn all about the movement and life in general.

THP: In 3 sentences.. Describe who you are? 
Cortia Bingham: I am a child of God, the Queen of my home and a success story that continues to be written.
THP: What is one difficult obstacle you faced in life and how did you overcome it?
Cortia Bingham:  Being in relationships that did not satisfy my need for commitment. I overcame this by unlearning and unbelieving the cultural norms. This was manifested through decisive action. I walked away from the people & relationships that resembled what I did not want for myself, even though it was hurtful. However, I realized that radical action is inevitable whenever one desires change. 
THP: You exude confidence and a sense of “self-awareness” when you enter a room… How did you get that way?
Cortia Bingham: Thanks for that observation — I tell myself the right things. For one, I believe that when I walk into a room I have something valuable to offer, which is more than the outward appearance. My wealth of experience, knowledge, and desire to do good, empowers me to present myself as a woman of worth and value. I am also confident that I don’t know everything and I am always in a space of learning. So I desire to learn from the other people who are also in the room, which gives me a sense of humility- very attractive!

Cortia is flanked by some of Jamaica’s trailblazing women
THP: Tell us about your “We Inspire Women” movement and how it got started?
Cortia Bingham:  We Inspire Women, creates and hosts events that inspire hope and unlocks every woman’s potential to act herself into her destiny, through authentic stories & tested strategies from other women. We started in 2016 with a Workshop & Brunch in Kingston, then traversed to Mandeville, Montego Bay and now in Ocho Rios, for the 3rd year, after 7 successful events. I started We Inspire simply because it feeds my WHY. I have had my share of obstacles and hurdles, however, I have learned some things along the way that has sustained and propelled me. I simply want to share these principles with other women, so that they too can be the best version of themselves.
THP: Who are some of your greatest motivators? 
Cortia Bingham: Oprah & Novia McDonald-Whyte

Cortia Bingham sitting pretty on a wooden staircase in a “pop of pink” heels
THP: What does a typical day look like for you? 
Cortia Bingham: Prayer & Worship at 5 am, gym @ 6, Breakfast & school drop off for my daughter @ 7:30 am, meetings & emails until 5 pm, 1 hour of reading / researching something new, family time, rest.
THP: What is one valuable life lesson you’ve learned since starting a business? 
Cortia Bingham: There will always be problems to solve. Your greatest asset will be your mindset. So it is very important to have mentors, read books that nourish your mind and soul, and always pray and commune with God.
THP: For young women who would like to trod a similar business path… What words of advice do you have? 
Cortia Bingham: Embrace the learning phase and do not rush to earn before you garner enough experience. It’s not an easy path, but you can be equipped if you take the time to learn… It took me 15 years to learn about the industry I am in, and I am still learning…

We Inspire event in action
THP: Of course… We are dying to know about that workout routine; spill those workout “secrets”
Cortia Bingham: I do a lot of High-Intensity routines. Usually 4 times for the week and drink lots of water. I try to end my day of eating by 6 pm and drink lots of green tea after if I am up.

THP: You seem to do it all + so much more, care to share time management tips? 
Cortia Bingham:  The trick is to plan. I do a “things to do list every day” and I do my tasks “NOW”. Do not procrastinate. It will rob you of opportunities to succeed.
THP: Before you go… Drop us a “golden nugget” of wisdom for “crushing it in life”?
Cortia Bingham: There are so many but I love this one…Cortia’s 3 Cs – Never Compare (Do not compare your life to any other individual, because our life’s journeys are different. Embrace yours), Never Compromise – Your values and integrity will take you places, education & money will not – Never Complain – complaining is a waste of energy & time. You can either do something about the problem NOW or Later. Be patient. The things you can’t change pray about them and let it be.  

Visit the We Inspire Website

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