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“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” Rachel Zoe
If you were at Fashion Block 2018, you would have witnessed nothing short of a masterpiece! You would have seen expertly designed pieces coming down the runway on the bodies on Jamaica’s top models that took you on a journey from conservative, religious and bold. This Designer found an interesting way to tell a story through clothes about his time living in Jamaica – Today, The Haute Lifestyle goes Behind the Seams with Caffery Van Horne.
THP: For the people who may not know… Who is Caffery Van Horne?
Caffery: Caffery Van Horne is a designer at large creating items for men, women and interior space. I often conceptualize, create and capture the finished product myself.

THP: When and how did you become a Designer?
Caffery: I don’t think you become a designer, you just are — I made it a profession in the last 3 years, but I’ve been sewing and dealing with a boutique clientele since 14. I actually made dresses for classmates for the prom back in high school.
THP: What was it like growing up in Waltham Park?
Caffery: At times I feel I never left Waltham Road or perhaps it never left me. My birth neighborhood continues to be my point of inspiration. It was great growing up in an area where the community was still raising the children. If you were Downtown Kingston trying to board a bus and someone recognized you that adult would help you to get on and tell you who your parent was. Everyone felt like family and yet there were tons of individuals. There were peacocks everywhere! People simply wanted to stand out. When you have very little you are sometimes protective of you how you look.

THP: Tell us about the collection you showed at “Style Week”
Caffery: My style week collection was a celebration of how I recall the women I grew up around when I was young. Bold, religious, conservative, dance hall, mature and youthful All rolled in a delicate floral print.
THP: What was it like coming back home to show this collection?
Caffery: I come to Jamaica quite often despite living in Colombia, my was father was killed 2 years ago in a home invasion. I knew he would have been very proud so for me, it was a kind of closure. Also, Jamaicans are super honest so I looked forward to the various opinions.

THP: How would you describe your personal style?
Caffery: My personal style is definitely a little strange. I gravitate towards comfortable things. One year I had a pair of pants that were very soft and I wore them for 120 days. I just kept washing and putting them back on. I love a good print or use of color. Depending on where I am in the world I really use color and print to celebrate my surroundings 
THP: What gets you going on a daily basis?

Caffery: The thing that gets me up each day are my bills, you have to earn money to survive. Life is beautiful but expensive. I’m extremely kind and loving and that behavior costs. I wake up grateful, I give thanks for health and food and shelter and I think what can I make, organize and sell.

THP: Describe your “Design Process”
Caffery: My design process often starts with some material. I’ll see fabric or leather then recall some fabulous place or situations I’ve been in and try to bring those emotions to the item.

THP: You are known for colorful and vibrant Instagram photos… what are your tips on taking pictures for Instagram?
Caffery: Instagram is the dream version of everyone’s life. It’s not a platform that embraces reality. I try to capture the product and people in the most glamorous way but keeping it simple at the same time.
THP: What can we expect from you in coming months?
Caffery: The next few months for me are all about collaborations, I’m joining forces with all kinds of people, possibly even a marriage lol. You can’t do it all alone and as I’m currently doing 3 separate lines and a fourth on the way I need people. One hint … knits are big on my mind (I’m always cold). I see the future as more luxurious. Life is pedestrian; people crave a glamorous escape which can often only be done through the wardrobe.
THP: Where can we find your pieces?

Caffery: Shop cafferyvanhorne.com as well as keep your eyes and ear open for my pop-ups. All affiliated boutiques will be posted on my site

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Dale Stephenson | Dale Stephenson Photography | @stephensondale on Instagram

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