Top attractions in Munich

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Whether you are planning to relocate to Munich or planning a long weekend, there is a lot to see and do in the third biggest city in Germany. Munich is known for the beautiful parks, palaces, museums, and natural beauty. Here are the top attractions you should not leave Munich without seeing.

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1.       Marienplatz

This square is the heart of the city for many centuries and is used for tournaments and markets. It is known for the famous Christmas market today and the famous feature here is the Glockenspiel cuckoo clock which has a carousel of figures dancing at 11 am, noon and at 5 pm.

2.   Theatinerkirche

The distinctive towers of the yellow Theatinerkirche are standing at 216.5 feet tall. It is a 17th century Catholic Church which was built by a Bavarian nobleman. The architecture is very unique and there is a touch of the Mediterranean in Munich. Step past from the exterior and into the beautiful interior. Admire the sculptures and stare up the dome at 233 feet above you.

3.  Eisbachwelle

One of the most favorite pastimes of Munich is surfing. Surfers line the sides of the bank waiting for their turn as water thunders from beneath the small bridge. Surfers have to jump off the bank and on their board and also make sharp turns so as to avoid the river walls. Eisbachwelle is mesmerizing in a strange but peaceful manner. It is beautiful even during the months of winters.

4.   Hofbräuhaus

If you are a beer lover, you have to visit the Hofbräuhaus. It dates back to the 16th century and is a beer hall complete with a live brass band. The same rules of Oktoberfest apply here, there will no service without a seat, hence you will have to find a table for yourself and try to avoid Friday and Saturday nights because it is a very popular tourist destination in Munich. Contact Munich car service to ensure quick and comfortable transport across the city.

5.  Glyptothek museum

This is an impressive Neoclassical building in Munich. It is the only museum in the world that is dedicated to ancient sculpture. The art is openly laid out and visitors are free to wander and explore. It is more like an art gallery with interesting twists. They also have modern replicas of statues carved from wood with a chainsaw.
There is so much to do and see in Munich. If you are not up for sightseeing or exploring the museums, you can spend your time at the park or head to a pub and enjoy the famous German beer. If you love beer and festivals, Oktoberfest is the best time to visit Munich. However, keep in mind that the city will remain crowded and you might not be able to explore the sights with ease. Soak in the picturesque beauty of the city and enjoy the local delicacies served across the bars and restaurants. Make the most of your visit to Munich with these top attractions.

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