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Style is a way to say who you are without
having to speak.” 

Simone Gordon is a
self-taught Jamaican Designer known for her bright, colorful and fun designs
as they make a statement of their own on the runways across the Island.

Her eponymous Fashion
Brand, Tasha & Tianne Fashion or “T&T Fashion as it is known here on
the rock is a clothing and accessories business that she shares with her
daughter who sometimes doubles as a Runway model often showcasing the designs.
She got her start as a Fashion Designer from a young age as members of her
family sew garments for a living. It was here that her love and interest in
Fabric grew and she started practicing and picking up skills from those around
her and decided to “try her hand” at Fashion.

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The Designer who hails
from St. Catherine always offers an element of surprise for each collection she
presents and always leaves the “beholder” wanting more. Simone’s design skills
are not limited to Clothing as she boasts a beautiful accessories line
inclusive of earrings, necklaces, and bags of all sizes and shapes.

T & T Fashion is a
hybrid of cultures that mix African elements through the colorful prints with
a touch of the Jamaican swag that brings the designs to life!
We were able to interview
Simone just to learn about “T&T Fashion” and her journey as a Fashion

us about how you got started as a Fashion Designer?
I got started because of the love I have for fabric and I was also surrounded by family members who had
experience sewing.

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is your philosophy for life and what motivates you on a daily basis?

Always do to try your very
best, life is a school, learn all you can. My goals in this life motivate me
and it also inspires me to do what I love.

did “T &T Fashions” come about?
T&T (Tasha & Tianne)
comes about after the birth of my daughter Tianne 18 years ago.
your creative process?
I will see something and get inspiration from
it and right away know what fabric, color, and size I’m going to be doing it in.

you remember the 1st time “T&T Fashions” got recognition from
the Media? Tell us about that?
Yes! I remember it like it was yesterday, it
was my first time doing Style Week with Saints International. I got mentioned in (VOGUE.IT ) I was excited,
shocked and grateful.
all the various facets of Fashion – why did African Influence Designs stand out
the most to you?
It reminded me of my
childhood growing up and living in the country. The way the ladies used to wrap
their heads, the long skirts and the way they used to drop in the different
fabrics as patchwork and how colorful and beautiful they were.
is one important lesson you’ve learned since being a Designer?
It is always ok to be yourself! Don’t be pressured to follow
trends–follow your creative dreams. Be nice to people; mean people don’t get
too far and to always listen so I can learn. 

can we expect from T&T Fashions for spring 2019 and beyond?
You can expect the very best from T&T for
2019 and beyond because we are always evolving. 
you think Jamaica is more accepting of creative careers like Fashion?
Yes, they are — Jamaicans are very creative in
everything they do and fashions have evolved over the years. We are more open
and unique with what we wear and we love to stand out and be different. We are
definitely moving in the right direction.

Any words of advice for becoming designers
looking to start a Business in Fashion?
For upcoming designers coming in, just be yourself, love what
you do. Don’t focus too much on the money; focus on doing your best at all
times, good work is what gets you paid. Be creative, don’t copy people’s work,
get inspiration and work from them. Invest in yourself. Stay away from loans,
take it only if you’re sure you can repay. Stay humble and remember the Journey

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