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The best
care is one that includes proper regular home care.
Are you noticing the way your skin texture is
changing? From environmental damage to lifestyle choices, there are many
factors that make your skin suffer. More than half of us look older than our
actual age.
Scientists have shown a tremendous interest in the
study of aging in the last 3 decades and discovered several theories about it.

A medical genetics
professor Peter Lansdorp, from
the University
of British Columbia,
explained the cause of aging with regard to cells.
Similarly, Rachel Palazzo
from Siorai explains that Lenard Hayflick
discovered that human cells are not immortal, but have a limited number of
times they can multiply. This is known as the Hayflick Limit, which is again
theory related to aging.
But, they say, there’s
still a lot to learn in this area.
No matter what we do, we cannot escape aging. But,
there are some concrete ways to slow it down and treat them. Before that, we
need to understand its causes. We have listed the top 6 reasons that lead to
  1. Smoking and drinking: As we all know, smoking and
    drinking lead to overall health issues but it also affects our skin. It
    causes fine lines around the mouth and deeper forehead wrinkles. It
    displaces the oxygen in your skin, reduces blood flow, leaving skin dry
    and discolored. Aside from the damaging effects on the liver and kidney,
    drinking discolors the skin over time. It dehydrates
    your body
    , reduced immunity, cell damage and insulin issues all
    impact on the quality, appearance, and aging of your skin.
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  1. Eating a poor diet: One of the most ignored
    factors when it comes to aging is the effect that food has on the body.
    There are
    foods that help
    you retain a youthful body
    and then there are some foods that affect your skin.
    Consuming a lot of highly processed food, excessive dairy products and
    food that contain high sugar content cause inflammation. This inflammation
    causes the aging process. Cut back your simple carbs and opt for whole
    grain, fruits, and vegetables in your diet. Replace your sugary food with
    healthy fatty food which is high in natural products, it will help your
    whole body look younger.
  1. Lack of sleep: You know that sleep is
    important if you want to look your best. Sleep gives your skin time to
    recover from daily stress and build new cells in your body. Without enough
    sleep, y
    skin becomes imbalanced, leading to a dehydrated complexion and redness.
    Lack of sleep can cause your hair to start thinning out and will lead to
    acne. It will affect the skin elasticity which can, in turn, cause your
    skin to look more wrinkled and saggy.
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  1. Being stressed: High-stress lives are a
    good recipe for aging. Stress slows the
    skin’s monthly cell renewal process and causes wrinkles, dry skin and
    delayed healing of acne scars. What’s more,
    when people are stressed, they often skip meals or don’t take care of
    themselves in the way they should.
  1. Weight fluctuation: Being too thin or
    heavy can add to the aging process. Too much weight can make you look
    older due to poor muscle tone. When the skin has been significantly
    stretched and remains that way for a long period of time,
    collagen and elastin fibers become
    damaged. Being underweight decreases the natural fats in the facial
    structure which causes sagging of skin and wrinkles. Additionally,
    repeatedly gaining and losing weight
    can cause your skin to continuously stretch and contract, which can take a
    toll on its elasticity. This expand-contract cycle can cause the skin on
    your face to look older than it should.
  1. Excessive ultraviolet exposure: You can easily
    speed up the aging process by basking in the sun rays. Sun damage is the
    number one cause of wrinkles and the skin that is permanently damaged due
    to UV rays. Additionally, excessive tan and sun exposure may lead to age
    spots and loss of collagen.
The more you know about the aging process, the more
control you can take of maintaining a healthier and younger body. Eat healthy,
exercise and stay hydrated. The nature of your skin is reflected in your
personal care and diet habits. Apart from your face, the key areas that expose
your age are your neck, chest, and hands. Make sure you don’t neglect these!
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