How To Furnish Your Dream Home on a Budget

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People are,
sadly, discouraged from furnishing their dream homes because they simply don’t
have that much money. They are discouraged by TV shows and Instagram posts that
convince them that they need a six-figure salary in order to live in a place
that is even remotely appealing. And sure, there are some segments that you
simply can’t achieve without a substantial budget behind you. But the truth of
the matter is that you can achieve a lot of success, and create the home of
your dreams, with some creativity, hard work, and dedication.

Below you can
find our article that will show you how you can furnish the home of your
dreams, while still not breaking the bank.

Replace your hardware and rugs

It’s fascinating
just how much the little things influence a home’s look and style. A new door,
a nice sofa, a new faucet, these can all refresh your home and make it seem
brand new. And if properly chosen, with taste and style, they can make it much
more beautiful than you could expect.
Things like
brass pull, matching faucets, ceramic knobs, these nice accents can make things
really pop while drawing away attention from the more boring parts of your

A rug in and of
itself can reinvigorate a home. It adds warmth to your place, it even defines
the space in which it is in. Just getting a new rug can do wonders, but the
effect will be much stronger if you take the time to choose the right colors
and pattern.

Some old fashioned bartering

One of the
things you can try is going online and checking out some Facebook groups and
forums that are all about giving away and swapping things. Maybe there is
somebody who got a brand new couch as a wedding gift and simply doesn’t know
what to do with his old one. So, you can gladly take it off his hands, and
maybe offer something you don’t need in return, like an old desk.

Go online

A small issue
with going online is that you won’t really see the furniture up close, in
person. You will have to rely on photos and images. However, if you can figure
out whether a seller and the website itself, is trustworthy or not, then you
can definitely get your money’s worth.
Namely, there is
much more choice and many more options online. From pricing to quality levels,
to shapes, sizes, colors, types… You could find a used but properly maintained
sofa for cheap. The same goes for rugs, chairs, desks… The internet is a wild,
open place, and who knows what you can find there.

And while we are
on the subject, are you handy with your tools? Then you can probably find some
appliances for cheap, that needs some very basic work done. You can also get
affordable, high-quality
spare parts online
, and get to work.

Don’t forget about your walls

Your walls can
serve as a canvas for your entire home. They can revive the entire space, they
can really make your home stand out. And there is much you can do with them,
besides getting a new coat of paint.

Some floating
shelves can be arranged, and they can hold small mementos, souvenirs, or just
knick-knacks. Both the shelves and the things on them can serve as artistic
statements. And speaking of statements, you can try out a statement wall. Just
have one wall that will be painted, covered, or just generally modified,
standing on its own, being a sort of the centerpiece of your house. Try out
paint, graffiti, or colored and decorative wallpaper. You can even cover the
entire wall with photos and paintings.

Gift cards and thrift stores

Gift cards, both
those that give you discounts and those that give you free stuff, can be a gold
mine. You can actually find and buy gift cards at many department and furniture
stores. Quite often a gift card can get you an item at a much lower price than
you would expect.

Furthermore, try out your local second-hand stores and thrift shops.  Places that sell used or damaged goods can be
a real treasure trove of valuable stuff.


Just because
you’re sprucing up your home, doesn’t mean you have to go into debt or find a
six-figure job. Some resourcefulness and creativity can go a long way. Whether
you are looking for a complete makeover, adding some simple accents, or just to
refresh the place, you can rest assured that there is a way to do that on a
budget. Getting a bit thrifty, using gift cards, shopping online, all of these
can help you move closer to your dream home.

Written by:

Stella Ryne

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