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a year 2019 has been for Marcia Adams! She recently left her secure 9-5 job to
pursue her passion of being a creative entrepreneur and was able to catch the
eyes of the Senior Editor of the Lifestyle section of the local newspaper! Not a bad
year thus far indeed! If you are a Fashionista or a woman who likes one of a
kind pieces and standing out, you need to meet Marcia Adams and her namesake
Jewelry and Accessories wares “Marcia Adams Beauty Lies Within.” The
pieces she creates are as fun and bold as her personality!

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is a certain ease that comes from speaking with Marcia about her pieces as she
treats them all like her “babies” and tell a story of how they were made and
what they will go with and that you are sure to get a lot of stares in the best
way possible when you step out in one of her statement necklaces.

statement would be an understatement to describe these pieces as they are like
nothing you’ve ever seen. They are a beautiful combination of fabric, textures,
buttons, ruffles, and fringes and one could say these are not “your grandma’s
pearls”. The new designer was able to give an insight into her life as a
Designer and share her creative journey thus far.

Did you
always want to design jewelry?
inspired you to launch your own brand and how did you come up with the
I started my own brand because I wanted my name to be recognized
for my unique designs. I came up with the brand signature because of the
passion I have for doing what I love.

What is
your brand’s signature? 
Marcia Adams Beauty Lies Within.

your creative process
I have grown over the years from just working with wooden beads,
glass beads, gemstones, metal, fabric, leather and other recycled items and
have since included other material and fabric.

What is
one important life lesson you’ve learned thus far since being in
When doing business, you need to have principles within yourself
and never let anyone try to influence or allow you to doubt yourself and what
you are doing.

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the sentence. On the weekend you can find me ..
Taking part in art shows and in art festivals or working at

Tell us
what is the scope of your work?
I design one-of-a-kind pieces high-end jewelry or I can do an
entire line for mass-market. I may sell my jewelry myself or I can use others.
My jewelry is all handmade. I am freelance and must seek assignment or
customers in a competitive market.

Was is
hard starting a creative business?

Yes and No –The marketing is the most challenging aspect of
having a creative business, in my opinion

can we expect from Marcia Adams Jewelry for this season and beyond?
I will be putting some out some new designs and some runway

Do you
think Jamaica is more accepting of creative careers like Fashion+Design?
Yes they are accepting fashion and design especially
Afro-Centric, natural and recycle jewelry and fashion. 

Keep up with Marcia Adams On Social Media
IG: marciaadamsbeautylieswithin

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Twitter: @hautepeople
Instagram @haute_people

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