Here’s what you need to know about NYFW as an International Blogger

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York Fashion Week is the event that unites all Fashion Professionals across the
globe. In the months of February and September, millions of Fashion Enthusiasts flock to the Big Apple to get a bite of the latest trends

I had the utmost privilege of attending the Fashion Shindig for the last
Spring/Summer seasons in February from 2018 to 2019 (this year will be my
third) and learned a thing or two and thought I would share those here. The
thing is, I reside in Jamaica and I’m deemed as an International Blogger. I get
questions from other local Bloggers and those who reside outside the U.S on how
I got invited to cover the shows. 

If you are interested in learning How to Get Invited to Cover New York
Fashion Week
 (NYFW) as an International Blogger, keep reading as I
will go into as much detail as possible. Grab, your beverage of choice, your
favorite snack and a notebook as this will be quite lengthy and don’t forget to
bookmark this article.

SO … How Do I Get In?

Firstly, it is important to note that unless you fall into the category of
Fashion, you will probably not get invited just on a whim. If you are a Fashion
Blogger, Editor, Stylist, Buyer, Fashion Merchandiser, Fashion PR or anything
closely directed to the Fashion Industry, your chances of getting invited are
TIP: If you really want to
get invited, launch a career in Fashion and have a body of work to show that
you are in fact credible which includes but is not limited to Blog, Podcast or
YouTube Channel.

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I’ve always wanted to go to NYFW since I heard about it at University between
2007 to 2011 but I had no connections and the “know-how”.
Fast-forward to a few years later when I gained more knowledge and decided I
would implement a strategy. I researched all the Black Designers showing at
NYFW and realized there was not a lot so I thought this was definitely a pain
point for those Designers as they were not getting much attention and guess who
filled that gap? I took to trusty google and found the PR reps and contacts for
those Designers and emailed as much as I can and from that list 5 responded and
I offered them a feature and wrote about their brands (click the link below to


To my surprise, all 5 invited me to their show in February but I only made it
physically to 2 shows as the time when I arrived from Jamaica to NY was too
late. I say all that to say this: Whatever you do in life, you need to be
intentional and always have a plan and a strategy to execute that plan. I could
have sat down and daydreamed of one day attending the shows which would lead me
nowhere. On the heels of this plan, a lady from New York (just a random lady
who turned out to be the owner of a Talent Agency) saw the Blog Post I shared
on Facebook and told me she had a friend who just started a Fashion Technology
Company that she thought I would be interested in and she shared my content.
From there I received an email from one of the Co-Founders of Fashion Mingle an
amazing Fashion Technology company. They create opportunities for individuals
who work in the Fashion Industry to connect with relevant brands to showcase
their work and products. From there, I signed up and was on the next flight out
to New York.

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About Fashion Mingle

Fashion Mingle is a fashion tech
startup that is pioneering a powerful networking platform for fashion industry
professionals. We believe that growing a successful fashion business begins
with a strong local fashion community.

Co-founders Melissa Shea and Beth Smith are passionate about bridging the gap between
technology and the fashion industry. Their mission is to build a revolutionary
platform that will fuel the growth of local fashion communities around the
world and create economic opportunities for all.

Fashion Mingle offers memberships plans for you to get the
most out of the service which including a Free plan to a VIP Plan that offers
several benefits including an invitation to Exclusive Events In New York and
other cities across the world. 
In 2018 I was named the Kingston Ambassador for Jamaica which
means If you need to know about these exclusive offers and events, I’m the
person to talk to. Click the link below to sign-up as I would like to have
other local Bloggers with me when I go to the next shows. This is not one of
those MLM recurring types of things: You simply go on the website and create
your profile then select the package. The only thing I can say is the
“more active you are on your profile, the better it is for you”.
There are also opportunities to work with other brands and individuals on the
platforms. If you are a stylist, for example, you can post that you are looking
for brands and showrooms to pull pieces from for a client and so on. 
Create a FREE Fashion Mingle profile
and receive leads right to your inbox. Want to appear at the top of your city?
Join as a Featured Member to increase your visibility and access more tools.

If you are in Jamaica, Click the link below to get started!
Not In Fashion? No worries
.. we’ve got you too!

If you do not work in Fashion and would still like to attend the shows — New
York Fashion Week now offers those individuals the chance to attend… for a
price, literally! All you have to do
is visit the NYFW website and navigate to the
tab titled “NYFW: The Experience” where you
will see a number of packages to choose from. I’m currently seeing where prices
range from USD $500 – USD$1,999. There are individual packages, Designer
Packages, After Party Packages and Day Pass Packages offer more for your
buck so if you are looking for the full experience these are your best bet. If
you are a true lover of fashion but don’t work in the industry, this experience
will be great for you.

There are also options on Eventbrite which I’ve found is a great resource
that features up and coming designers who are always looking for individuals to
fill the venue. Most of these events are 
reasonably priced, but they have strict requirements on when you need to be
there and when you need to leave. These are on a first come first served basis
so if you see it grab it and once they have reached the required amount for
capacity, the doors will be closed. I would recommend arriving super early so
you can secure your space and get a great seat — usually rows 3-5 are what is

How to find shows on Eventbrite

1. Go to
2. Click on New York
3. Type New York Fashion Week into
the search tab at the top of that page
4. Click on the event you want
to attend and register

As mentioned before, ensure that you read the details about the event and take
note accordingly.

Another great way to attend is to volunteer, there are hundreds of shows which
means show organizers + designers will need as much help as they can get. This
is even a better opportunity than attending the show as you get to meet all the
important people behind the scenes. I would recommend also having a strategy in
mind which is to be willing to take direction, work hard, stand out for all the
right reasons and ensure you have business cards or a Media Kit.
I did a previous Blog post on Media Kits, which you can find by
clicking the link below.

It is important to note that this is not a glamorous role! You
will be worked like there is no tomorrow and might even do tasks like sorting
buttons but it will be all worth it to get your foot through the door.
Once you follow all the steps above and keep in contact with the
team you volunteered with even after the show in a genuine way, you are sure to
be invited for several seasons until you graduate to “Front of
House”. These opportunities can be found on Eventbrite and by putting
Volunteer in the search and also your trusted Google.

I know this is a lot of information and a lot to think about but If you are
willing to take this all in and learn and do your own research you will find your
way into NYFW. 

Hopefully, you found these tips helpful as I will be creating a series of
content relating to NYFW which will be quite extensive so I invite you all to
come back to this space.
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York Fashion Week 2020.
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