5 Interesting Gift Ideas for Easter 2020

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Easter is almost 2
months away, and you must have started making arrangements for your party,
already. Planning the place, the games, and of course, the guests you’ll be
inviting over.
But, what about the
gifts that you shall be offering your guests? Have you planned for it? I
believe you’re not planning to give the same old basket full of eggs and
Why not plan something
different this year? Something more interesting.
If you lack the ideas,
give me a chance. Here are some amazing gifts that you can give to your guests
this year.

Bunny Props

As a kid, you must have
loved the Easter bunny. Or were you amongst those who feared it? Nevertheless,
the Easter bunny is still inseparable to the celebration. You can give some
props to your friends and relatives.
For starters, you can
give them a bunny hat or a bunny mask. Or if you’re looking for something more
interesting…what about a bunny hoody? Easter
bunny props and goodies are
always great. And they are fun to play with.
Perhaps, you can play
some games with your guests making use of these props. Ain’t it a great idea?

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Club Tickets

Everyone loves club
tickets. Gift vouchers are, although underrated often, but they can surely be a
great gift item. Especially, if you can’t decide what your friends may like.
Depending upon your
budget, there are plenty of choices handy to you. For instance, Amazon gift
vouchers are a great way to please your guests. And why shouldn’t they be? The
receiver gets to purchase their favorite items on Amazon, and that too at great
You can choose coupons
or gift vouchers for your local stores as well. Often, people prefer walking
the alleys in their nearest departmental store, or retail shop.

Sports Equipment

If you know your guests
are admirers of sports and love to indulge in adventures, why not give them
something that can help them with their choice of sport? For example, here are
25 of the Best Gifts for Scuba Divers, that you can plan to give to your friends. If your
friends love water sports, especially scuba diving, these gifts can be a great
piece of addition to their collection. Or you can also give them a complete kit
if you can afford that.
The point is to make
them happy and celebrate the festivities. And if you can give something useful
to your friends and relatives, you can rest assured that they’ll like it.
Most importantly, when
giving your friends a sports equipment kit, it is necessary to make sure that
they have an interest in the sport. For instance, it won’t make any sense if
you’re giving a pair of basketball shoes to a football fan.

Egg Eateries

This may sound pretty
obvious but you can make it more interesting. Probably, almost everyone thinks
of giving egg eateries to their friends and relatives. But, you can add a twist
to the dishes, say add some putrid eggs to them. I know it sounds evil, but if
you are close to your friends then this can be a gift to remember for them.
Alternatively, you can
serve them spirits in hollow eggs. For instance, I’ve been to a party where
people loved a particular game- egg shots. Sounds interesting aye! All you need
to do is
empty out the eggs without breaking them and put some spirits of your choice into them. At first
glance, your friends may not even know if they are getting something other than
eggs until they open up the eggs.
If drinks are not what
you’re interested in, you can also go for egg cakes. There are plenty of
recipes available online for help. All you need to make sure is it tastes

Egg-Hunt Basket

Although this is pretty
common, I still like it, personally. Rather than giving the same old fashioned
twig basket, you can make your baskets out of recycled material. This would
give your friends a sense of environmental responsibility, along with, helping
them during the egg-hunt.
There are plenty of DIY
ideas available on the internet. Make use of every resource available. Here’s a
secret about DIY ideas; they can save you a lot of money while being fun too.
Moreover, if you still
wish to make it more interesting, you can fill the basket with some eateries,
that you’ve prepared at home. A complete homemade gift for your guests.
Eco-friendly, and light on the budget.
So, what are you waiting
for? Start planning what gifts you wish to give to your friends and relatives.
After all, Easter is about spreading happiness.

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