How to Wear the Hottest Color Trends of 2020

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Now that we’re entering a new decade, this
means that a new color palette is emerging in the fashion world

mentioned on Haute People how living coral was all the rage
, but it’s time to make way for the newcomers. Luckily, these
nature-inspired hues are sure to flatter every skin tone. To get a head start
on the latest trends of this upcoming season, here’s our primer on some of
these gorgeous colors and how to style them:

Scarlet Red

Red is a vibrant and powerful hue that’s sure to
make you feel as bold as the heat of a flame. It’s energetic and definitely
makes a statement as soon as you enter a room, so it’s not for the faint of
scarlet red Mercedes Castillo leather mules
a stunningly unique structure and are perfect for the office or a night out.
Wear them with confidence and a two-piece suit in neutral tones for a pop of
color, or a sleek mini dress for that date you’ve been looking forward to.

Coral Pink

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Although climate change is very real, we’re
nostalgic for a time when our coral reefs were still pink and not bleached
angel sleeve midi dress in coral pink from Boohoo
 comes with adorable gold sparkles, making it the
perfect outfit for every special occasion. It’s family-friendly enough for your
most conservative relatives, but it’s sheer layers mean that it’s anything but
boring. Style it with some matching lip gloss and gold eyeshadow and we
guarantee that you’ll be twirling in it all night.

Tangerine Orange

Inspired by the popular fruit, tangerine orange
is making a bright and optimistic comeback. You’re sure to light up people’s
faces as soon as they see you in this color. You only have to look at 
tangerine orange runway looks from Bibhu Mohapatra and Christian Siriano
 to see how this vibrant shade works surprisingly well
for both formal and casual dresses. If you’re not fully willing to embrace the
shade in all it’s glory, why not integrate it in the form of a headband or
sports bra to give you that boost of energy you need to smash that workout

Neo-Mint Green

You’ve already heard of mint green, but neo-mint
green is its more vibrant and modern counterpart. Monochromatic dressing isn’t
going anywhere, and if you’re into power suits, check out this 
neo-mint green blazer and cigarette pant set by Miss Selfridge
 that’s sure to keep you cool amidst all the stress and
tension in your office. Alternatively, you can also paint your nails this
calming hue to give you some much-needed zen whenever you need to slow down.

Faded Denim Blue

Blue is one of those colors that are always
reliable while also providing a wide array of hues to play with, but for this
year, the faded denim shade is all the rage. Case in point — 
hooded jacket from Woman Within
in a medium stonewash color that captures the relaxed chic feel of this hue.
It’s also made of a lightweight fabric that’s perfect for days when it’s not
too cold out for your thicker clothing. Layer over your favorite dress for an
effortlessly casual look, along with a pair of white sneakers for ultimate

Bright White

Okay, white isn’t really a trend because it’s been
popular in the fashion scene forever, but there’s an obvious reason why. It’s
timeless and makes you look immaculately polished, as long as you don’t
accidentally spill coffee on yourself. If you don’t already have a plain white
tee in your closet, it’s definitely time to pick up this style staple because
of its pure versatility. 
classic white tee
 has the perfect cut and is guaranteed to
stand the test of time. Wear it with a black leather jacket and leggings for a
rebellious vibe, or tuck it into a midi skirt and throw on some ballet flats
for a playful look.

With the variety of trending hues this 2020,
you’re sure to find a look you’ll love. Don’t forget to finish off your outfit
with a smile and a dash of confidence!

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