What It’s Actually like Inside a New York Fashion Week Show

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February is Fashion Season —as I type this Blog Post, Fashion Enthusiasts, and Fashion Professionals in major cities around the world are prepping for the grandiose affair.

While I’m not able to speak on the shows in Europe (yet) I can speak on the ones In New York. If you are a lover of Fashion and has wondered what it’s like Inside a NYFW Show, keep reading!

What It’s Actually like Inside a New York Fashion Week Show

Firstly, it is important to know that Fashion is subjective — this means the way the clothing looks is an interpretation of the Designer’s creativity and of course the person who views it. There are pieces I’ve seen that can be considered wearable art and there are others that are ready-to-wear which pretty much means the way you see it on the Runway is exactly how you will see it in stores. However, if you are a person who truly loves Fashion and all parts of it, I think you should experience a NYFW at least once in your lifetime.

In a recent blog post, I shared all the ways you can get into NYFW as an International Blogger if you work in Fashion and also how you can get in even if you don’t work in Fashion so you can check that out by clicking the link below.


The first thing you do is check-in, I know it sounds pretty Old School, but they want to ensure all the people on the list were actually invited. You have the option to check yourself in or the brand or agent/manager who got you invited to the event can actually check you in.

After check-in, you get a crack and peel sticker that has a number OR words that tells exactly where you will be situated. The availability are:

– Sitting
– Standing
– Media
– Backstage

I’ve had the chance to experience all of the above and I must say my favorite is Media as I get a better view of the Designs as they come down the Runway which looks better in Photos and Filming purposes. If you get Media, the Photographers have their own “Code of Conduct” that they somehow created amongst themselves which is to respect your space and each other’s space. Once you arrive early and secure your space that’s yours and no other Photographer is allowed to sit or stand in front of you or you will be put out. I have actually seen this happen and thought to myself  “If only the Photogs behaved like that here in Jamaica, things would be so much better”. 

The Photographers also decided if they will be using Flash or No Flash just out of respect for each other and the general consensus was no Flash. They are really cool guys who have done several Fashion shows all over the world and some of them are willing to help with your camera settings if you are new like me! There was a photographer covering the event with me from Fashion Mingle but I also wanted personal photos for memory and for Haute People.

View from a “Sitting Spot” in 2nd Row

As it relates to sitting, I did not like that very well. The company that got me accredited to cover the event was able to snag seats in the second row but I didn’t like the vantage point. Please note I’m 5’0 so I’m literally looking at the back of people’s heads and I only saw a glimpse of the designs. If you are taller than I am or if you are looking to get photographed then you’ll love sitting. I’m guessing if you are in front-row the view would be better but I’m not a fan of pictures or videos taken from the side.


I got a standing option in one of the shows which only lasted like 3 seconds as I quickly made my way back to Media. I have seen and heard other Bloggers write about the standing option which they had no problem with so it’s up to preference. The whole point is to get inside the venue and see the show so standing is the last thing on your mind.

If you are great at Interviews and love fast-paced yet noisy environments Backstage is the place for you! When you get a Backstage pass, ensure you are prepared! This is the only time you might get to interview the Designer who has a million things on their mind and is running across the room to add those final touches. I did not come prepared and was that weird little person standing in the corner making up questions and when I finally looked up, the Designer was already on the Runway and within five minutes after the show, they were out! 


The shows all start on time and you are expected to be in your spot by then and soon after the light dims and the tempo rises the show starts! Each show lasts about 12 minutes or even less and as soon as the Designer takes a bow, the light comes back on and everyone leaves their spot. Sometimes there is another show right after at that same location and sometimes the other show at that location is a few hours apart. I’ve seen where people use this after show time to briefly socialize and they usually take photos and hand out their business cards and/or Media Kits.


NYFW Shows are nothing like I’ve ever experienced– there is excitement, intrigue, and even mystery and it’s as if you suddenly come to life when you see those pieces coming down the Runway.

I really hope I’ve at least helped one person to get an Insider’s view of what it’s like inside a NYFW SHOW. 

If you need more info on NYFW as a Jamaican who resides in Kingston and would like to attend the shows, please email me at If you found this content helpful, bookmark this site so you can have it as a reference.


New York Fashion Week |schedule
February 6 – 13, 2020

London Fashion Week | schedule
February 14 – 18, 2020

Milan Fashion Week | schedule
February 18 – 24, 2020

Paris Fashion Week | schedule
February 24 – March 4, 2020

Calendar here

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