A Better You 7 Day Challenge! A Weeklong Self Help Series to help you grow

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Hello! I’m glad you could be a new part of this journey with us! Being a Blogger for 8 years can be quite, monotonous! We do the same events every year where we see the same people every year!

This year we took the leap and launched a new Blog with the same look to keep our Brand Identity! With that being said, we wanted to do something more interactive so you can be a part of this new journey with us. 

For 7 days, we will be publishing content on the Blog, Social Media and our Newsletter with prompts that will encourage you to take action to become a better version of yourself. Each prompt will feature 2 actionable steps and 1 self-care activity. We’ve decided to name this new series A Better You 7 Day Challenge! 

To join A Better You 7 Day Challenge, all you have to do is visit our website at scroll to the right tab of the page and subscribe to the area as indicated below and you are in! Not to worry, we don’t spam! We personally hate that and wouldn’t want you to be bombarded by unnecessary emails.

We will, however, send an email once per month (after this series) with content you will love, discount codes from your favorite stores (locally and internationally) and first dibs on our products and services.

The challenge starts now! Check out the first day and first prompt to get started!



Day 1 Creating a Routine

  • Get up Early: I don’t know about anyone else …

Day 2 Health is Wealth

  • At Home Work-out : It doesn’t matter if you do this morning, noon or even night!

Day 3 Let’s Get Creative

  • Do Something Creative you’ve always wanted to do! You are way more creative than you actually think.

Day 4 Let’s get Growing

  • Learn a new Skill: Let’s face it, 2 or more incomes are better than one.

Day 5 Stimulate Your Mind

  • Watch a documentary : Documentaries are a means by which people can share and learn about cultural experiences with others.

Day 6 Invest in You

  • Set a Budget: Every great financial plan starts with a sound budget

Day 7 Write the Vision

  • Write it down: I find that my dreams become more realistic when I write them down!

Check out our posts starting Monday April 20, 2020 to join us on this new journey to self help with our A Better You 7 day Challenge!

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