Best Tips for Going Grocery Shopping in a Pandemic

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Welcome to the new normal! In these times, regardless of where you live, the world is currently at a standstill. 

People are only recommended to go out for essential items like groceries and medication! With that being said we have been coping with this new normal and have learned a few things we would like to share as it relates to Grocery Shopping! If you are interested in learning, keep reading to find out the Best Tips for Going Grocery Shopping in a Pandemic

If you are planning on going to the store…

Go when it’s not crowded. Since the virus is mainly transmitted through close contact with other individuals, the key to social distancing is by avoiding large groups of people. If you have been going to the same grocery store for a while you will have found what I like to call a “Sweet Spot”. This Sweet Spot is that day or time of the week when fewer people will be out.  Since most people are trying to “beat” traffic and large crowds, stay away from early mornings. The Sweet Spot is between 11 am – 12:30 pm.

Shopping in grocery stores

If you don’t get your timing right and find yourself at the grocery store with a lot of people, get what you need and leave. Don’t dally. If you see your friends or family give them a wave or a nod. Speak to them from a distance ( experts say  at least six feet) or at another time.  Avoid hugs and handshaking.

Cover your mouth and nose. People are now advised to  wear face coverings  such as bandanas, balaclavas, scarfs, or   DIY cloth face masks. Surgical masks are also effective if you currently have them but they are not necessary; don’t feel like you need to go order them online.

Bring sanitizing wipes with you so you can clean any shopping carts or baskets you use. Gloves will not be of much use here because if your gloves touch a contaminated product, they will just contaminate the next thing that is touched.  Most locations will have a person at the entrance with a spray bottle with alcohol or sanitizer. You can ask what is in the bottle (for your own sake) but do not refuse to have your hands sprayed. There are also people with spray bottles at the area where the carts are kept, you can ask if the cart has been sprayed and you can also nicely ask them to spray the cart in front of you for peace of mind.

Be sure to shop with caution, and avoid touching your face, eyes, and nose as you walk about the store. “Use hand sanitizer after going through the checkout.  For more of the Best Tips for Going Grocery Shopping in a Pandemic, see more below.

How to clean your groceries

How to handle your groceries once you get them:

You should disinfect all nonporous containers: We’re talking about food packaging such as cans, bottles, and jars — glass, metal, plastic, etc. You can use your everyday disinfectant wipes or create your own dilute chlorine bleach solution. To make that, you can mix 1/3 cup of bleach per gallon of water or 4 teaspoons of bleach per quart of water. Wipe your containers with this solution and let it sit for one minute on the surface until you dry it off.

The food safety rules when it comes to eating fresh fruits and veggies haven’t changed: Just run them under the faucet and use clean hands to rub off any soil or dirt.  Soap is optional if you want to go a step further.

After you’ve put away all of your groceries, disinfect all of the surfaces that your bags have touched. Generally, it’s a good practice to clean surfaces after any sort of use.

We hope we gave you the Best Tips for Going Grocery Shopping in a Pandemic. Only go out when necessary at a limited time throughout the week. Be safe and be kind!

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