Day 2 Health is Better than Wealth | A Better You 7 Day Challenge

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For 7 days, we will be publishing content on the Blog, Social Media and our Newsletter with prompts that will encourage you to take action to become a better version of yourself. Each prompt will feature 2 actionable steps and 1 self-care activity.

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The challenge continues! Check out Day 2 to continue with us!

Here is your guide to Health is Better than Wealth

at home workout

At Home Work-out

It doesn’t matter if you do this morning, noon or even night! The goal here is to get moving! Who remembers #Jamaicamoves? Now is the perfect time more than ever to get that exercise in and burn a few calories while you are at it.

There are so many daily live work-outs you can do from Instagram or if you want something more diverse, YouTube is a great place to start with tons of workouts that target different parts of the body.

Exercise helps to sharpen your mind and gets the heart and blood flowing so your organs can perform their tasks better.

Your Task: Go to YouTube and research “at home workout and subscribe to 3 channels

healthy meals at home

Eat a Healthy Meal Once Per Week

I know it’s hard to cut your favourite foods out of your diet cold turkey but how about adding 1 healthy meal per week?

This decision will benefit you in the long run and where healthy foods are considered the list is long and the ingredients are wide! You can go from vegan to vegetarian or even Ital (salt-free).

By doing this you will find that your body will start to naturally crave healthier foods and the ones that are not that healthy will start to lose its appeal. It might be hard to think about at first but once you make up your mind to get started there is literally no turning back!

Healthy meals do not have to be expensive! Go on google and research the ingredients and see how you can put things together to suit your budget and lifestyle.  

Finally, just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean it should be brand and lack appeal! Season your food to your taste and ensure it looks and tastes great! Always remind yourself  “Health is Better than Wealth”?

treat yourself

Treat yourself

There are people who believe they don’t deserve nice things other than their basic essentials. This might be because they feel they might not have the money to purchase something nice for themselves or they feel it would better suit another person who is more deserving! LIES! ALL LIES! You deserve it and you are 100% worth it.

Treating yourself does not have to be expensive. I love lotions (weird) so each month I treat myself to one or two. What do you love? Maybe it’s a specific type of dessert or maybe you love shoes. Treat yourself! It can be each month, every other month or even once per year in the form of a luxury vacation.

Treat Yourself! You are 100% worth it.

I hope that you found this content helpful and will be trying these steps. Do you think Health is Better than Wealth?

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