Day 4 How to have an Explosive Personal Growth | A Better You 7 Day Challenge

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For 7 days, we will be publishing content on the Blog, Social Media and our Newsletter with prompts that will encourage you to take action to become a better version of yourself. Each prompt will feature 2 actionable steps and 1 self-care activity.

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We are proudly on Day #4  where we will provide you with the tools on How to have an Explosive Personal Growth.

Learn a new Skill

Learn a new skill

Let’s face it, 2 or more incomes are better than one. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that rich people are not rich by relying on one income. I know things are currently un-certain and times are hard and the last thing you want to hear about is learning a new skill.

Listen to me on this one – let’s think, what is one thing you’ve always been good at that people ask about that you can place a dollar value on?

For some it’s doing hair while for others it might be cooking. Whatever it is, really work on it now that you are home and see how best that skill can be utilized now so you can make a living while being on lockdown.

If you are on the Digital/Creative side of things like me, you can look into sites like Fiverr, Etsy or even Amazon to see what services you could sell on their platform.

These might attract a small sign-up fee and an even smaller percentage taken from each sale, but once you get going and is consistent it should be smooth sailing from there. #Explosive Personal Growth


Be Consistent

Consistency is key

Getting an audience is hard. Sustaining an audience is hard. It demands a consistency of thought, of purpose, and of action over a long period of time.- Bruce Springsteen

If you want any sort of fruitful outcome of anything, you have to keep trying and be consistent. As a blogger for almost 8 years, I’ve seen so many people with great business ideas and business models given up after only a short time. Their response is always the same “I’m not seeing any results”, most of these people I found were not consistent and gave up too soon.

There is always a learning curve with anything you do and things will take time to get your brand out there BEFORE seeing any real results. Did you know many businesses don’t see any profit within the first year?

What if KFC gave up on the first try when he experimented with his secret recipe? What if Amazon gave up after just 9 months when the first few shipments resulted in more problems than solutions? No matter what, you have to keep trying. Life was meant to be difficult to make us work harder so we can be stronger. Always remember to be consistent in everything you do.

Your Task: Commit to doing 1 or 2 things for 7 days without taking a break


Wash your Hair

Wash your Hair

So many of us have thrown self-care out the window with all the craziness going on but now more than ever is when we should give ourselves that extra bit of TLC! Whether you have natural or processed hair, short or long without proper haircare it will become un-healthy!

For us ladies with hair that is more tightly coiled together or those with processed hair, the required time to wash your hair is every two weeks. I have no idea if this is true or not, but I find that it has worked for me ever since I was a little girl. Every two weeks I give myself a good wash and a deep conditioning and of course some sort of treatment based on what my hair needs.

For the most part it’s a protein treatment where I purchase a pre-made treatment from the Beauty Supply store or I make my own from Egg + Mayonnaise and apply Castor Oil to my scalp and allow it to steam while I do house work.  With it being so hot here in Jamaica our hair will tend to sweat and can even become a bit “less than fresh” so it’s our duty to ensure our hair has been washed and is nice and clean.

Now that you have all the tools you need to be successful, and How to Have an Explosive Personal Growth. What steps will you take to ensure success?

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