Ammar’s Styling Challenge : Fashion Faux Pas or Win

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There are some stores I completely stay away from and sadly Ammar’s is one of them. 

Before I go any further, I must state a disclaimer: I am not an affiliate of Ammar’s and this review is not to tear down the brand in any way but to give my honest review and opinion on my previous experience.

For those of you who do not live in Jamaica, Ammar’s is a department store with several locations — they carry clothing for men and women, shoes, houseware, and other accessories & trinkets. Since this is one of the stores I never shop at, I thought I would challenge myself to find an outfit that is stylish that can be worn for work! If you are interested in seeing how this challenge turned out, keep reading.

Ammar’s Styling Challenge: Fashion Faux Pas or Win

For this challenge, I focused on a few things:

Style: It has to be something that is either trendy or “classic” that can easily fit the other pieces in my capsule wardrobe. This was just to see how “with the times” the brand is, and if they are paying attention to what is trending or are simply selling clothes.

Price: Does the store carry reasonably priced items? Ammar’s is one of those stores that sell low-quality items for high prices which I believe is not ethical. I am one to invest in quality pieces (designer or not) that I know will last for years.

Wearability: The outfit has to be functional! It has to be something I can wear throughout a hectic day and be comfortable.

Ammar's Style Challenge

These are the pieces I purchased and I kinda liked how it turned out. If you are a petite person, you might have problems finding items you like as most of the sizes I saw on that particular day ranged from large to extra large. It took me a good hour to find these small pants and medium top after rummaging through the racks. The customer service was top class as the reps were not pushy and they offered suggestions and offered alternative solutions to outfits I liked but could not find my size… They were knowledge of their stock and was accomodating to my 100s of questions — kudos to the staff and ladies who assisted me on Saturday. 

The pants were $1,606.50 and were made of Polyester and were a bit flimsy and see-through. I liked that it was a trendy color and It can be easily integrated into my capsule wardrobe. But! the stitching was poor — the middle seam came with visible thread + other flyaways that I had to cut and re-sew. I found that it crushed easily and though it has no stretch, the fabric became loose and ill-fitting after a few hours. I gave these pants a 5/10 overall.

The top also took me a while to find because of the styling and I ended up getting a medium. It too had some flyaways and had things I had to cut away and re-sew to get my perfect fit. It too was light-weight and see-through and I would suggest wearing a black bra so nothing shows through. I paid $1, 610.75 for the top. I gave this top 5/10 as well because it was average.

The overall rating of this outfit was a 7/10. I will wear the top again, but I will have to take the pants to be re-sewed by a tailor or dressmaker so I’m able to wear it.

Let me know if you shop at this store and how you like it.

#Ammar’s Styling Challenge : Fashion Faux Pas or Win

#Ammar’s Styling Challenge : Fashion Faux Pas or Win

#Ammar’s Styling Challenge : Fashion Faux Pas or Win

#Ammar’s Styling Challenge : Fashion Faux Pas or Win

#Ammar’s Styling Challenge : Fashion Faux Pas or Win




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