How I Earned my First $100 on

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If you’ve been an avid reader of the Haute People Blog, you would have known I tore down the old Blog and started this new Blog in the heights of COVID-19 in March. It was something I’ve been thinking about for the last 2 years and I finally found the time to do it so I took the leap. This meant I had to link a new Google Analytics Account and had to think about an Ad Network as one of the possible streams of income.

After much research, I decided to stick to since I was familiar with it but! I had to add this new Blog since the old one was non-existent and It was definitely the best option. It was literally starting over not from scratch but from experience but starting over nonetheless. Fast-forward to just a few weeks ago in July where I got an email from Payoneer saying I received a payment from Media.Net. Things checked out and I realized that I actually made $110 in June and I hadn’t claimed hence the email. I know to some $110 is not that much but when I did the conversion to Jamaican Dollars (JMD) it came to $16, 445 which is $16, 445 that I did not have before. I must admit, I was not trying at all to earn from Media.Net as most of my earnings from the Blog are through “Sponsored Posts” and  “Campaigns”. I still would like to share the little I did to earn that money and how to plan to increase my earnings for months to come.

How I Earned my First $100 on

1. Using the Right Ad Sizes

I was sent a demo by my Account Manager that told me all about ad sizes and ensuring they were in the correct places and they were active. If you can see the ad sizes I chose for my header is 728×90 and also for my between paragraph ads. This is because it’s as wide as the header and the paragraphs. The sidebar ad size I chose is 300×250 or the “square ads” because they fit the dimensions of the sidebar better. You want to ensure the ad sizes you choose to fit the area you plan to place them and they should be a natural fit. See the diagram below. Ad Size

2. Place ad tags across all pages and URLs

An important yield optimization tactic is ensuring you have ad tags placed across all your pages and URLs. This ensures you expose every impression available to competitive demand and maximize your earning potential. I did this after getting an Email from my Account Manager telling me to do so! I just placed ads on the home page and between paragraphs but as soon as I placed ads on all the pages I think that’s when I started to get more impressions which equated to more clicks and more money!


3. Update your Ads.txt

An updated ads.txt is key to keep those revenue opportunities coming in. Remember, most premium advertisers and sources of demand only prefer buying from domains with an updated ads.txt file.’s Ads.txt Management tool on the PubConsole allows you to maintain and update all your files from within the dashboard with real-time updates and recommended course of action. This also helps advertisers to know that the traffic from your site is legitimate and not trying to cheat the system by purchasing traffic from unknown sources. This I struggled with as I’m not tech savvy but I asked a friend who has more experience with code and where and how to place code.

4. I shared my Blog Posts

Here’s the thing, once you have ads on your site, the goal is to get people to click without telling them to click! The more places you share your Blog Posts, the more people will see them, and eventually, people will click! If you’ve realized, there are icons that have Social Media Icons called Plugins that once I click on these the Blog post is shared automatically to those platforms. Along with this, I included hashtags and keywords so other people searching the web can find the article.

Advertiser Bidding

5. Fill out our display demand partner’s participation form

You get access to exclusive demand as soon as you sign up with, but do check your inbox for a mail from our display partner asking you to fill out a form. Submitting the form will ensure that you can tap into more budgets and formats. Ad networks involve a bidding war of sorts among Advertisers! On the back-end, they bid with each other to see who gets to place their ads on the site that has ranked well on Google and has the most traffic. I received a message from an Advertiser and I signed up and noticed a slight increase in my RPM. We will talk more in-depth about terms like RPM in an upcoming Blog Post.

My goal is to double my earnings each month and even though I  didn’t try the first few months to earn from it’s interesting to see I was able to earn. My plan is to be strategic and create a Digital Marketing Strategy that will include Increasing my Ad Revenue on Media.Net and see how that works out and share it here with you all. I might finally launch my series called “Building the Brand” where I can you behind the scenes of Building and scaling Haute People. 

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#How I Earned my First $100 on

#How I Earned my First $100 on

#How I Earned my First $100 on

#How I Earned my First $100 on

#How I Earned my First $100 on

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