STUDIO 189 FALL 2021 | American Collections

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The collection, entitled Legacy, is inspired by traditional patterns, symbols, and techniques
interwoven into a cloth that communicates our values, history, and message to future generations.
The Fall 2021 collection was designed with sustainability and building products meant to last in
mind by the use of zero-waste materials, recycled materials, and patchworking.

We focused on supporting the supply chain with the collection by using traditional techniques
such as hand-batik, hand-weaving, patchworking, natural indigo dyeing, basket weaving,
recycled cotton and upcycled denim from second-hand clothing sent to Ghana that we buy-in
the local Ghanaian market.

STUDIO 189 FALL 2021 | American Collections

These past few months have inspired many of us to look for meaning, something a little authentic that speaks to the world we collectively inhabit. Cue the new offerings from Studio 189. Titled Legacy, it is

“inspired by traditional patterns, symbols and techniques are interwoven into a cloth that communicates our values, history, and message to future generations.”

Rosario Dawson and Abrima Erwiah delivered a collection noteworthy not just for the zero-waste and recycled materials, but also its overall sense of joy in colors and patterns that are special to Ghanaian artisans —think batik, basket weaving, and patchworking. Sometimes, it all came together in on a look, and, in this duo’s hands, it worked beautifully.

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#STUDIO 189 FALL 2021 | American Collections

#STUDIO 189 FALL 2021 | American Collections

STUDIO 189 FALL 2021 | American Collections


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