Lila Ike’ Sings in the Shower for Cosmopolitan Magazine

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Jamaica’s young Dancehall entertainers are winning on the International Market and there are some who have seamlessly crossed over to being featured in popular Lifestyle & Fashion Brands.

First, it was Shenseea for Cosmopolitan Magazine during Black History Month, then Koffee for Calvin Klein, and now Lila Ike’ for Cosmopolitan Magazine! Imagine my surprise when I turned on YouTube and saw Lile Ike’ pop up in my feed.  Before I get into the episode, let me give some background into who Lila Ike’ is (for my International readers) and why she is relevant.

Who is Lila Ike’?

With only a handful of singles, Lila Iké (pronounced Lee-lah Eye-kay) is already on the brink of stardom. The straight-shooting free-spirited singer has an edge and ease in her voice that creates an immediate gravitational pull with her listener, fusing contemporary reggae with elements of soul, hip-hop, and dancehall.

Lila Ike' Cosmopolitan Magazine

The fast-rising songbird from Manchester, Jamaica is gaining attention at home and abroad with her distinctive delivery, old-school sensibilities, and modern-day swagger. She recently landed features in The FADER, Billboard, and Flaunt and landed “Artist To Watch” lists for BBC 1xtra Hot for 2020, Complex, and Relix Magazine. In 2019, she embarked on her very first solo tour throughout Europe, hit the main stage at reggae’s largest festival worldwide. She is part of Jamaica’s Young Dancehall Industry who is poised for greatness both locally & internationally.

Lila Ike’ Sings in the Shower for Cosmopolitan Magazine

The singer makes her debut appearance as a guest in the popular “Singing in the Shower” for Cosmopolitan Magazine’s YouTube Channel. Lila is described as having the voice of an Angel and can be heard covering “Celine Dion” for which she cites as one of her favourite singers as this was the music played in her house thanks to her mother growing up.

Garnett Silk

We also learn that her favorite Jamaican Artiste is Garnett Silk for which she expresses:

“He has a song called commitment. I remember when I first heard Garnett Silk growing up, I think he’s the reason I chose to be an artiste.  He has such a lovely tone of voice. Being a 7-year-old girl and listening to his songs and realizing that it had an effect on my body, I remember getting goosebumps all over my body. I was like Wow! This is crazy! It’s amazing that music can do that!

She also covered Ellie Goulding’s “Like you do” and Bruno Mars. Towards the end of the video, she showcases her versatility with a freestyle about “singing in the bathtub”.  I think it was a great episode that showcased another fun and quirky side of her personality we don’t usually get to see. 

Let me know if you watched the video and if you enjoyed it.

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#Lila Ike’ Sings in the Shower for Cosmopolitan Magazine

#Lila Ike’ Sings in the Shower for Cosmopolitan Magazine

#Lila Ike’ Sings in the Shower for Cosmopolitan Magazine

#Lila Ike’ Sings in the Shower for Cosmopolitan Magazine

#Lila Ike’ Sings in the Shower for Cosmopolitan Magazine

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