A Fi Me Snacks is Revolutionising Snacking in Jamaica

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A wise man once said “You’ve never truly lived, until you’ve had Breadfruit Chips”. 

Snacking is deemed as a guilty pleasure and when you hear “chips”, the first thing that comes to mind is “Potato Chips”. Here in Jamaica, when we hear Chips, we think Banana Chips, but more recently “Chips” is synonymous with Breadfruit and Sweet Potato.

After all, we are an Island filled with expressive and vibrant people and our snack choices should also reflect this as is the case with A Fi Me Snacks that is spearheaded by Adrianna Bryan who serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O).

“A Fi Me” is actually the Jamaican Creole (Patois) equivalent of “It’s mine” or “it belongs to me” and with these snacks you can clearly understand that once you get your hands on one of these, you will not want to share it with anybody else.

A Fi Me Snacks is Revolutionising Snacking in Jamaica

A Fi Me Snacks
Adrianna Bryan
Select Afime Snacks Ltd

The brand was launched in June 2020 in the midst of a Pandemic out of necessity as her Jewellery Brand EXOTICHILD, felt the strain of the challenging times. As a true Entrepreneur, she remembered the positive comments she received from making Breadfruit Chips at an intimate Barbecue in 2017 — like second nature the recipe kicked in and she worked with a Chef who helped with the frying of the Chips.

According to Bryan: 

“It took me three months after I remembered the breadfruit chips to actually get the courage to do it – but I did it”Adrianna Bryan, The Jamaica Gleaner

She then tested her creation by offering free samples to friends and family until the recipe was perfected. With a solid product now in hand, she opted for local super food options like Sweet Potato and Breadfruit paired with ingredients like Sea Salt and Rosemary and our very own Scotch Bonnet Pepper which elevated the taste.

It was just a matter of time that the products were flying off the shelves with our favourite being Breadfruit Chips with Sea Salt. 

The current flavour offerings are: Sea Salt, Sweet and Savoury, Rosemary and Sea Salt, and Scotch Pepper and salt seasonings. A Fi Me Snacks can be found in a number of Brick and Mortar retailers across the island and an equal number of online vendors like Jacarepackages, Jamgora and Caribshopper (just to name a few).

So how did the brand get so popular in a year? By hard work of course, Bryan cites her outgoing personality and putting herself out there by reaching out to vendors and Retailers to ensure the products are positioned in the right markets.

The team has grown from a one woman + Chef team to a five member team for which she leads them to success and is excited for what is ahead.

Consumers also love the snack because of its clear packaging with a vibrant label that allows them to see the chips on shelves and they can even add their own ingredients and make it a “party in a bag”.

Consumers can look out for Candied Sweet Potato flavour that will be released for a limited period during the Christmas season. This will highlight flavours of Cinnamon and Brown Sugar.

The next time you visit a local retailer, be sure to pick up a bag or three of these delectable , gourmet snacks as you will be sure to say “A Fi Me Snacks”.

Keep up with A Fi Me Snacks

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#A Fi Me Snacks is Revolutionising Snacking in Jamaica

#A Fi Me Snacks is Revolutionising Snacking in Jamaica

#A Fi Me Snacks is Revolutionising Snacking in Jamaica

#A Fi Me Snacks is Revolutionising Snacking in Jamaica

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