Day 5 Stimulate Your Mind | A Better You 7 Day Challenge

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For 7 days, we will be publishing content on the Blog, Social Media and our Newsletter with prompts that will encourage you to take action to become a better version of yourself. Each prompt will feature 2 actionable steps and 1 self-care activity.

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We are here on Day 5, where we will teach you How to Stimulate your Mind.

Watch a documentary

Watch a Documentary

Documentaries are a means by which people can share and learn about cultural experiences with others. Watching documentaries about other cultures and nations can generate interest in various subjects like languages and the culture of a nation.

I remember growing up I would hate watching Documentaries, back then, there wasn’t a lot to choose from and they were all seemingly boring. They were from CNN and they always showed animals and lest not forget those images of people and children in Africa and their struggles.

Fast forward to today and I see documentaries as a way of storytelling of other individuals and the way they see things through their eyes. These documentaries allow me to have an insight on things the Media only glaze over and it allows me to have my own perspective of certain issues. See below for more benefits of watching documentaries:

  • Help in understanding the present world. Documentary films assist in understanding the current world because many of the available documentaries film the past events that happened and affected the whole world. …
  • Have an educational value. …
  • Benefit families and strengthens their bond. …
  • Have an inspirational value.

There are so many documentaries on various topics that there is not enough time to watch all of them – pick one that you like and watch with our family and with an open mind. #Stimulate Your Mind

Read a Book

Read a Book

When was the last time you read a book? Be honest! I know with the advancements in technology cue Audiobooks and your busy schedule, it’s hard to find time to read a book the old fashion way.

Reading a book stimulates the mind and there is something so refreshing about flipping through pages of a book and smelling the combination of ink on special paper and also using your favorite highlighter to highlight relevant pages.

Go back to basics and pick up a book you have on your night table that you hope to read that somehow became a coaster for your nightly drinks and actually read it. What you can do to make it more realistic is take things into bite-size chunks where you read a few chapters or a specific amount of pages per day.

What is one book you would like to read but did not get the chance to do so?

Your Task: Visit Amazon and purchase a book you’ve always wanted to read. Do it today!

Give Yourself a Foot Massage

Foot Massage

Girrrll and (maaaan) a foot massage is one of the most relaxing things I’ve discovered in adult life and I can truly say I love it! It’s great if you can get one from a partner and even better from a professional but today, it’s all about you. 

Chances are your partner might not always have the time to give foot massages on command and with us being on lockdown, you are your best hope.

There are a few videos on YouTube I found and love that they target various pressure points that I’ve found to be extremely relaxing. With these focusing on pressure points, they also alleviate pain from other parts of the body. Check out a few links below that has my favourite foot massages. #Stimulate Your Mind

Foot Massage Videos:

1.  DIY Pain-Relieving Foot Massage Using Reflexology | Thrive Market

2.  Self Foot Massage – Do While Watching!

3.  Stress Relief with Simple Foot Massage – ModernMom Massage & Reflexology

This was a mouthful of an article! I hope that we were able to share tips to help you Stimulate your Mind.

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