Getting my ISH Together: Introduction

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The main reason I started this new version of Haute People is so I can be more front-facing with the brand, tell my personal stories (without overwhelming people), and really putting myself out there.

The thing is, If I’m, to be honest, I’ve been doing none of that– until today! I realize that the content that gets the most engagement on Instagram are those where I’m candidly honest and unapologetic as I share situations that happen at work and real-life situations. Getting My ISH Together is the new and ongoing series that I hope to grow into a YouTube series and other forms of content where I can truly relate to you and you to me. There are times where I will share my own story and where I’ll have Guest Post Writers sharing their real stories.

Since we’re being honest, this quarantine has been rough on me– I’ve not been going to bed on time, I have no appetite and I’m not motivated to work. While we’re on the topic of work, things hit the fan within two weeks for us where we all received pay cuts which was rough and it showed me that it’s never good to put all your eggs in one basket especially at work. One thing I’ve learned when working for others Is, they will always look out for their families and their needs before they look out for your needs though you are the one working so they could have these “necessities”. It has caused me to give less than my 110% as I have no drive or reason to put anything of value out there and I’m now just doing it all to get that 50%. If you can relate to this part, let me know as we’re keeping it all the way real! Now is not the time to keep up appearances and I’ve never been the one to do that. Things are rough everywhere all over the world and while I do still have money coming in, the human (selfish) part of me wanted it to be more. On top of that, I was to sit an exam and will have to differ as that was 100%  dependent on a full salary.

I really got to thinking and this is the time I should really be sitting and planning on the way forward.  I will be going back to my days of high school where I made a timetable or now formally known as a schedule. This will feature exercise, work, study, and all the necessary things required to Getting my ISH Together!

Write it Down

This will be my one on one with you all and I will be sharing my wins and losses! This will be a real, raw, and uncut version of my life, that I will be sharing as I journey to growth and the ultimate life I deserve. If you are looking to really step your game up and also Getting Your ISH Together, this is the series for you!

If you share the same sentiments or not, let’s be kind to each other, we are all fighting a battle one way or another.

Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments.

#Getting Your Ish Together 

#Getting Your Ish Together 

#Getting Your Ish Together 

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