I Tried Being an Instagram Influencer AGAIN … And Failed

Week 2 of My Social Media Experiment
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It is week 2 of my Social Media Experiment and this week I failed … miserably! I started this experiment to test all the Instagram growth hacks, tricks, tips, and strategies to see which ones work and which ones don’t. It has been an interesting ride thus far and each week I learn something new.

Each Week I share the results on IGTV in a new series I launched called “Closet Confessions” where I talk about Life, Work, Blogging, and everything else in between. Towards the end of the video I reveal the challenge for the week and the results.

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This Week’s Challenge + Why It Failed

This week’s experiment was centered around User Generated Content — I shared the top posts from individuals I found on the explorer page to see how my followers “take to it”. Before I could give a realistic analysis and even the results, the Internet went down! Here in Jamaica we have two (2) Internet Providers and let’s just say, the 2 combined barely makes one company. The service is terrible on both ends and we barely ever have service for a full month. The Internet went down for me on Tuesday, Wednesday, and again on Saturday so I was not able to measure my findings. 

The Results

I was able to publish 3 posts and these were all inspirational that had a call to action at the end that allowed followers to engage. These did relatively well as they had a combined reach of over 700 and over 100 comments. I also learned the importance of using the correct hashtags as this is the main way people will find the posts and realized that 30% of people found the post that way.  I also realized that people love “call to action” posts as it allows them to get involved and they in turn feel valued that they can be a part of the journey.

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What I learned

Consistency is key coupled with patience and a big personality! Instagram is a shallow platform (harsh but true) and unless you are going over the top to show snapshots of how amazing your life is, you will not be seen. Stay tuned for next week’s challenge reveal and the results!

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#I tried being an Instagram Influencer

#I tried being an Instagram Influencer

#I tried being an Instagram Influencer

#I tried being an Instagram Influencer

#I tried being an Instagram Influencer

#I tried being an Instagram Influencer





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