The Importance of PRO-Afro Films – BLOOD and WATER on NETFLIX

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I remember watching TV as a young girl and would only see one ethnicity –White! Certainly, this could not be the only people on TV as there were more people in the world. As my “TV watching” went on there were a few more Black people who would occasionally appear on screen but they played the same role —“Angry Black Woman”, “Side Mistress”, “Poor Black Man” or the most stereotypical role “Black Man in Jail”. Even more, time went on and as I became a Teenager my network of choice was Nickelodeon where I was introduced to diversity without even knowing it.

Kenan and Kel

Sure the network was predominantly White but they introduced different types of Teens and their struggles and their cultural norms. I was introduced to “The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo” that starred an Asian Teen Detective who lived with her grandfather who happened to be “Mr. Miyagi” from The Karate Kid and also “Taina” which was centered around a Latina Teen living in New York with dreams of stardom and how could I forget “My Cousin Skeeter” with a predominantly Black Cast.  There was also “All That”, which had a melting pot of kids from many races –Kenan and Kel and The Nick Cannon Show. Those days were good as we were all represented! Fast-forward to today when we are suddenly all “woke” yet #lowkey still asleep and we have somehow become invisible and less represented on TV or typecast as the stereotypical roles of “yesteryears”.


Blood and Water

When I got the notification of a new show, at first I wasn’t interested until Netflix sent that second email “Blood and Water” is out. I clicked and within a few hours, I watched the entire season. 

The Premise

After crossing paths at a party, a Cape Town teen sets out to prove whether a private-school swimming star is her sister who was abducted at birth.

Blood and Water

The show is set in Cape Town but this heavily relied on the different languages and the cultural norms and the scenic view displayed throughout the film. The show opens with a birthday party being celebrated for a 17-year-old girl but it was later revealed this girl was abducted from the hospital shortly after birth and the story is set! I commend the way the story was told at the beginning and how it progressed to make things so realistic. Most Netflix films have a way of creating mystery from the 1st episode and you have to keep watching all the way to the final episode to know the truth. This is not that show! You know right away what’s up and you are still intrigued to see what happens because of the stellar storytelling of the writers.

The Importance of Family

Blood and Water

This series is important as it puts diversity and African Culture back on the map though it’s one of the largest Continent and very hard to not be seen. It paints the picture of Africa in a positive light as it features teens of an affluent background and showcases the family structure in a positive light. The lead character Puleng is the second of three children and though they have their struggles, the family sits down to dinner each night and she is close to her younger brother. They have a normal nuclear structure where the parents are of the working-class and the children go to regular public schools.  South Africa, in this case, is not seen as a place of poverty or unsafe but a City of hope where one can live and work comfortably.

Important Themes

We also see the popular theme “Woman in Society” through her Mom referred to as ” Mama” and sometimes ” Ummi ” as she becomes the matriarch of the family when her Husband lives separate from the family until things settle down. She cares for her two children and ensures she is their source of refuge and is open to conversation when necessary and she ensures her daughter could afford private school through a loan she acquires through the bank. This is quite different from other typical teenage shows as the parents seem to live on a planet by themselves and the children are disrespectful and delinquent and often getting into trouble.

Family is the hallmark of this series as no matter what happens, they come together as a unit in good and bad cases as seen in the various family structures. 

Blood and Water is Netflix’s second original African series and certainly won’t be the last!

I would highly recommend watching this series!

Leave your comments below to let me know how you like the series.

#Blood and Water on Netflix 

#Blood and Water on Netflix 

#Blood and Water on Netflix 

#Blood and Water on Netflix 

#Blood and Water on Netflix 

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