Liane Chung’s Life-Changing Journey to Fitness and Health

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“Health is Wealth” is an expression that is often used to describe the importance of one’s health as a priceless commodity to have even greater than riches! The Health + Fitness Industry saw a boom in 2014 when celebrities like Kim Kardashian revealed who her trainer was and suddenly everyone wanted to get fit! This new interest in fitness also influenced workout outfits, programs, and more people were taking on careers as Fitness Coaches and Personal Trainers.

Here in Jamaica people are more serious about their Health and Fitness more than ever and have enlisted the help of Personal Trainers and various coaches to get them in the best of shape.

An expert personal trainer must be knowledgeable, innovative, and skillful. These are the attributes that describe Liane Chung who is a woman of many skills where Health and Fitness always seem to emerge as a top priority. Liane’s story is quite interesting and she can easily be described as a multi-hyphenate. Haute People recently caught us with Liane where she shared an inside into her life and new business venture.

Liane Chung’s Life-Changing Journey to Fitness and Health

HP: For those who might not know who you are, tell us a little about yourself 

L.C: My name is Liane Chung and I am from the sweet beautiful Island of Jamaica. I have lived here for most of my life apart from when I lived in Barbados for 2 years when I was studying for my Bachelor of Law degree. I previously attended UWI Mona where I read for my Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature in English. I have traveled to several countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, the USA, Belize, St. Vincent, and the Grenadines, Paris, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, to name a few.

Liane Chung
Liane Chung Attorney-At-Law

I am an Attorney-at-Law by profession and I am currently a Co-Anchor at CVM Television Limited. I am also studying for my Certified Fitness Trainer and Transformation Specialist certification at the International Sports Sciences Association. I have two main loves being Law and Fitness and I am grateful and blessed to be able to do both.

I absolutely love traveling and experiencing different cultures. I love going to the beach, reading, spending time with family and friends, and helping people; whether it’s legally, on their fitness and health journey, or offering my advice on areas that I have knowledge on.

HP: What inspired you to get into Health and Fitness?

L.C: I have been in health and fitness all my life. I used to participate in Track and Field, Swimming, and Netball when I attended Queen’s Preparatory School ( I won an award for All-Rounder the year I graduated). Being extremely passionate about living a healthy and fit lifestyle, I continued to do sports in high school and continued my journey afterward by going to the gym, doing outdoor physical activity, working out at home, spinning, and other various activities.

I started a business in health and fitness so I could help others while also providing accountability on their journey. The road can be difficult with a lot of obstacles and sometimes we need help.  Being fit is a journey, not a destination.

HP: Tell us about LC.Eats.Fit and how it got started?

L.C: LC.Eats.Fit – Life-Changing Eats and Fitness means we’re on health, fitness, and wellness journey for life and not just for a specific period. LC.Eats.Fit core values are centered on creating a fitness, health, and wellness journey that our clients can maintain and enjoy while we hold them accountable for each step of the way. We provide meal plans consisting of daily healthy meals for weight-loss or weight-gain and workout sessions/plans for toning and sculpting the muscles while shedding any unnecessary calories and fat.

I started LC.Eats.Fit last year December 2019 because I believed that it was the right time to use my passion, discipline, and knowledge to help others that need assistance and reassurance on their fitness journey. It’s one of the best decisions I have made to date and it’s extremely rewarding seeing my clients happy with their results.

Fitness + Health
Liane on a Photoshoot for her brand

HP: It takes self-discipline to have a career in health and fitness, tell us what a typical “Day in your Life” looks like 

L.C: I wake up at 4:00 AM, study for 1 hour, workout for 2 hours, get ready, go into office from 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM, leave work & head home, prepare and instruct LC.Fit&U: 1-On-1 Personal Training Sessions, then afterward, make a protein shake, prepare my to-do list for the next day, create content, create a workout, & meal plans and unwind for the rest of the evening while studying before going to bed. 

However, I recently resigned from my 9-5 job and my last day is June 30, 2020. As of July, I will have more time to invest in the growth of LC.Eats.Fit, execute the various ideas and plans I have for my business and also finish my certification. I plan to start my own Law Firm as well but my main focus right now is investing in LC.Eats.Fit so that I can take it to the next level to accomplish the goals I have for it. This means that I will still wake up at 4:00 AM but my time will be divided differently. 

H.P: What services do you currently offer?

L.C: We currently offer monthly meal plans (LC.Eats), virtual workout 1-on-1 Personal Training Sessions (LC.Fit&U), and Group Zoom, Classes. You can register for LC.Fit&U: 1-On-1 Virtual Personal Training Sessions and/or LC. Fit Group Zoom Classes by going to https://bit.ly/LCFitSessions.

We also have our LC.Eats.Fit 4 Week Challenge available that consists of LC.Eats –  Meal Plans, Recipes, Meal Pics, Challenge Dos and Don’ts, and motivational check-ins for 4 weeks plus LC.Fit Workout Plans for 4 weeks with access to demo videos of each exercise, form tips, and weekly check-ins. You can register by going to https://bit.ly/LCEatsFit4WeekChallenge.

H.P: How would you describe your training style?

L.C: I train my clients based on how I train myself which is a mixture of cardio and strength training using the High-Intensity Interval Training method while emphasizing the correct form for each exercise.

Health + Fitness
Liane showcases the results of a Healthy Lifestyle in a tropical Swimsuit

H.P: How do you maintain a “work-life balance”?

L.C: I maintain a work-life balance by organizing and planning ahead. I make a list of everything I need to complete for each week and then another one for each day, from the day before. This allows me to be able to see the different tasks I need to accomplish in a structured form.

H.P: Finish the sentence “I cannot live without…..


Health + Fitness

H.P: What are a few things people can do to prepare for their first workout session?

L.C: To prepare for your first workout session (virtually), ensure you have some form of equipment (or an item that can be used as equipment), a mat/towel, a bottle/glass of water to rehydrate during the session, and positive energy.

H.P: Where can potential clients find you? 

L.C: Potential clients can find LC.Eats.Fit on Instagram at @lc.eats.fitness and @liboogie89. They can also contact us at lc.eats.fit@gmail.com and/or (876) 369-3740.

We do not have a website as yet but it’s in the works J. However, for now, they can sign up for LC.Fit&U: 1-On-1 Virtual Personal Training Sessions and/or LC.Fit Group Zoom Classes by going to https://bit.ly/LCFitSessions

We also have an LC.Eats.Fit 4 Week Challenge and they can register by going to https://bit.ly/LCEatsFit4WeekChallenge

The 4 Week Challenge consists of LC. Eats meal plans, recipes, meal pics, Challenges Dos and Don’ts, and motivational check-ins for 4 weeks plus LC. Fit Workout Plans for 4 weeks with access to demo videos of each exercise, form tips, and weekly check-ins.

Starting in July 2020, we will be offering LC. Fit &U: 1-On-1 At Your Home Personal Training Sessions where we train you in the comfort of your environment. We will also be hosting a Summer Boot Camp twice a week at a fitness studio (location to be announced) so stay tuned!

#Liane Chung’s Life-Changing Journey to Fitness and Health 

#Liane Chung’s Life-Changing Journey to Fitness and Health 

#Liane Chung’s Life-Changing Journey to Fitness and Health 

#Liane Chung’s Life-Changing Journey to Fitness and Health 

#Liane Chung’s Life-Changing Journey to Fitness and Health 

#Liane Chung’s Life-Changing Journey to Fitness and Health 

#Liane Chung’s Life-Changing Journey to Fitness and Health 

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