5 Quick Ways to Elevate your Blog Content to make MORE Money

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People start Blogs for several reasons: This could be as a hobby or more recently to make money and be one of their streams of Income. As a Blogger with almost 8 years of experience, I can honestly let you know that it takes time to make money as this is dependent on a variety of factors that I will go into another Blog Post.

If you are a new Blogger or more seasoned, the most important thing to getting success based on Content! In the world of Blogging, Content is King and you need to be creating on a consistent basis to truly reap the rewards. Until then, there are a few things you can do to elevate your Blog Content to earn more money in the future. If this is something that interests you, keep reading to learn more.

5 Quick Ways to Elevate your Blog Content to make MORE Money

1. Use Quality Photos

Elevate your Blog Content
Photo Credits: RichardDeanPhotography

The quality of your photos plays an integral role in how your Blog Content looks and can take things from one level to the next! When I started, I focused on the copy (words) and paid no attention to my photos and as a result, I would get less than favorable responses from brands and readers. It wasn’t until a few years ago I decided to focus on the quality of my photos when I saw an increase in traffic and garnered attention from brands.

Spend the time to ensure your photos are top-notch. If you are not equipped with a phone with an amazing camera, you can try collaborating with local photographers in your area who are trying to get their work out there. Be sure to have something in writing when you do and ensure the terms are clear and agreed on by both parties.

2. Break up your Content Into Bize Size Paragraphs

If you are reading this, you would have noticed that I broke down my content in to paragraphs with headings so it’s easier to read. The whole point of creating content is for the reader to gain knowledge and insight on a topic they would have needed information on. By creating paragraphs, it gives them the choice to navigate to the heading of their choice.

Aesthetically, it looks better and minimizes clutter on the page. You always want to ensure your page looks clean and easy to navigate so your reader can easily find what they are looking for and stay on the page as long as possible.

Elevate your Blog Content

3. Ad Placement Locations

I run Ads on my Blog as an additional stream of income but I ensure they are done tastefully. When you get to that stage of running ads, be careful of the placement and colors as you want to keep people on your page versus running away. We are advertised to daily, and the last place you want to see when reading content is ads running between several paragraphs!

Most Ad Companies will suggest 3 ads per page for better monetization. While we are not often able to choose the ads that run on the page, they should be somewhat in line with your content! There is nothing more annoying than reading an article on Fashion and an ad with medical supplies pops up. Reach out to your Account Manager and ask them if there is a way to fix the way the ads are displayed and the types of ads they will show on your site.

4.  Opt for a Modern Layout| Add Blocks

One of the things I love about WordPress is how easy it is to make your Blog stand out with their plugins and add on! For this particular post, I experimented with Blocks to make the post more modern and eye-catching.

I must advise you to not go over-kill on the options as there are many and you want to still maintain a sleek and clean look versus one that comes with all the bells and whistles and end up looks too gimmicky.

Elevate Your Blog Content

5. Use A Catchy Headline

I said catchy and not clickbait! The goal is always to provide people with information, and get them to click your specific headline from a sea of millions of others in the same category.

Let’s take this Headline for example:

5 Quick Ways to Elevate your Blog Content to make MORE Money

Before deciding on this one I played around with a few others:

  • Quick ways to elevate your Blog Posts
  • 5 Easy Ways to elevate your Blog Posts
  • How to Elevate your Blog Posts Now
  • 5 Quick Ways to Elevate your Blog Content to make MORE Money

Of the above, which would you actually click on? The last option that has to do with money right? The Headline you choose should tell the reader what the article is about immediately and should inspire them to want to learn more.

Let me know if you found this article helpful, as I will be sharing more “Business of Blogging ” content at least once per week. Be sure to send us an email at if you are interested in learning “How to Start a Blog’

#5 Quick Ways to Elevate your Blog Content to make MORE Money

#5 Quick Ways to Elevate your Blog Content to make MORE Money

#5 Quick Ways to Elevate your Blog Content to make MORE Money

#5 Quick Ways to Elevate your Blog Content to make MORE Money


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