5 Assumptions About Bloggers In 2020

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Hello there everyone! I’m Lorane, a Jamaican native who has been Blogging for 8 years. Since my tenure, I’ve seen a lot and done alot and have learned so many things as a Blogger. Since recently, there have been several assumptions about Bloggers that I’ve been seeing Online and also hearing from people who have no idea about this vast world of Blogging. Today, I will be clearing up some of those assumptions the best way I possibly can.

5 Assumptions About Bloggers In 2020

Assumption #1 BLOGGING IS DEAD

That is absolutely incorrect! I can definitely say Blogging is not dead and now more than ever people are creating various types of Blogs that cover different things. Blogs in a sense have now been “elevated” to include YouTube Channels and Podcasts as the way people receive information is different. Blogging is one of the most credible ways to get noticed online and building an online presence. I must also add that, in 2020, you need to take things further to include an active Instagram account and a Video aspect to really capture your audience’s attention. 

The best way to be a successful blogger in 2020 is to:

  • Find a niche (that works for you)
  • Work that niche
  • Monetize that niche
  • Scale-up + turn it into a business!


This is both true and false! Here’s the thing; Bloggers are often gifted Clothing by brands who are hoping to get a “shout out” or feature on that platform.  If we do decide to put those clothes on our site, we are required by law (FTA) to say that the product was gifted so people don’t get the wrong idea that because we got them free they too can bombard the brands with free request. These are Bloggers who are known and have been putting in the work but the caveat is;  the brand is looking for something in return. If you started Blogging today, you can’t expect a brand to be reaching out to send you “free clothing” by the end of the week; there are things to consider like their Return On Investment (R.O.I) and of course if you are the right fit. The ROI is simply how much money will they make when they send you $1000 worth of clothing? If they send you clothing for that amount, they need to know that the sales they will make from you promoting them will be more than $1000. It’s a business and things have to make sense since people don’t operate at a loss to be successful.


Assumption #3 BLOGGING IS EASY

Let me stop you right there before you even get through the gate … Blogging is NOT easy! Whether you are a hobby or professional blogger, this is far from easy. Think about the process of setting up to getting your content out, then remaining consistent on a monthly basis. Things might look good on the surface but it takes a lot of work which is why people who are deemed professional bloggers, leave their fulltime (9-5) jobs to dedicate all that time to build the Blog. There are also things like SEO, Page- speed, keyword search, domain rank, page views and so many other aspects of Blogging that are more on the back-end that most people don’t see or understand. You come across a Blog because you or another person searched online and entered a specific word or phrase for that content to “pop up”. In order for you to see that content, the Blogger put a lot of work into the Blog so it’s of value to other people.



Bloggers are making bank! There are some Bloggers who make a little and are not able to fully live off the Blog while there are others who make over $100,000 on a yearly and monthly basis! Yup, you heard that right. There are many ways to make money Blogging which involves Direct, like from ads on the site that people click and indirectly like selling merch and digital products. In order to make money Blogging, you will have to consider a Content Marketing Strategy and doing several types of testing to see what works and what does not. Do you know that there are Bloggers who make significantly more than Youtubers? Watch the video below.



This is 100% not true! I am not at all Tech Savvy and like to dub myself as the “Analog Blogger” since I started Blogging 8 years ago. I do have a Degree in Language, Communication, and Society and have loved writing for as long as I can remember, but I know people who can’t write to save their lives and are still successful! (No Shade) I believe If you write what you know and have a voice, you will find people who love your content. There is also software like Grammarly and other apps that are used to help with grammatical errors and your writing in general so it’s a non- issue. I find that if you have amazing photos that help to tell the story, people will be more focused on that and less on the fact that you used “their” instead of “there”.  Most of the “tech” stuff I learned was on Google and YouTube and purchasing online courses.

Let me know if you heard any other Assumptions about Bloggers in 2020 that you would like me to clarify. If you would like to be featured on this blog, send us an email at

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#5 Assumptions About Bloggers in 2020

#5 Assumptions About Bloggers in 2020

#5 Assumptions About Bloggers in 2020

#5 Assumptions About Bloggers in 2020

#5 Assumptions About Bloggers in 2020



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