5 Things to Consider when Approaching Brands as a Creative (Influencer)

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“You don’t get what you don’t ask for” – Sophia Amoruso

It all started with a series of emails and Dm’s I received at my “day job” from people who wanted to work with a few of the brands I managed. Of course, they had no idea who I was or that on “the other side of it” I was an Influencer in my own right in this vast world of Blogging.

Some of these requests were from seasoned Influencers who have been in “the game” for a while and knew how to speak to brands, while the other requests I received were from the newbies who had no idea how to navigate their way around this space and have no idea how to speak to brands – this showed in the worst way possible. It then dawned on me that I could shed some light on Influencer Marketing in Jamaica as this is still a relatively new concept – in the professional sense. Sure there are people who have found a way to bring in a substantial income on a monthly basis by way of their Influence, while there are others who struggle.

If you are a struggling newbie who needs a little guidance on how to approach brands, this article is for you!  Today, I share 5 Ways to Successfully Approach Brands as a Creative (Influencer).

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  1. Work on a Brand Copy

Copy, in this case, relates to words or text used in a document to communicate – in this article all these words you are currently reading are called copy. Before you think of reaching out to brands; put something into writing that summarizes what you do, who you are, and what you offer. Think of this as the introductory paragraph of who you are wholistically.

Here is an example:


I’m Jane Doe, a Food Blogger based in Kingston Jamaica where I’m the Founder of 123 Cupcakes. At 123 Cupcakes, our main focus is creating + curating the best cupcakes recipes worldwide in a visually appealing way through photography. Your brand Cupcakes Recipes Inc caught our eye and we’ve tried a few of your recipes that get great reviews from our readers.

It is important to establish who you are and that you are familiar with the brand. This looks like you care about the brand and you are not asking for freebies or as we say in Jamaica “mek sure yuh naah beg” [ensure you are not begging].  This makes you look more professional and that you are looking for a business collaboration that will be mutually beneficial.


  1. Research the Brand

Who the heck are you reaching out to! Do you even know the brand and the products they carry or what they are even about? This is important to know as it shows you did some research and you actually care! In our example above, we see Jane Doe did her research on the brand and even tried the recipe! She clearly established that she is a user of the brand and would be a great NATURAL fit!

How many times have we seen people randomly doing sponsored posts with those weight loss teas and you know as their fans they have no interest in the brand or even know what it’s about? Too many! One of the newbie Influencers who reached out to me was staring a Health + Fitness Journey and she reached out to a brand in Cosmetics that has nothing to do with Health + Fitness – I thanked her for reaching out but after reviewing her profile, let her know she would not be a good fit for the brand ( which was pretty obvious). It’s important to research the brand and make sure it’s the right fit. This saves you a lot of trouble of going through the motions of reaching out to a brand and eventually spare you from rejection.

  1. Consider adding Value

What does it mean to add value?  According to Hubspot:

“The information, insights, and actions you bring to your buyer that they cannot find on their own.”

In this case, we will replace the buyer with the brand and say it’s a way you can drive attention to the brand by simply being yourself the way you relate to your audience. There are so many brands out there that offer great products and services –you pretty much bridge the gap between their target audiences (that you already or potentially have) by bringing that product or service to them.

If you are a Travel Blogger, for example, the value you can bring to a new Hotel is Awareness and Sales vs simply asking them for a free stay because you are famous. Again, I can pull from an example of a Blogger who reached out to a Hotel for a free stay without any value, and let’s just say things went left!  Click HERE to read the article.

You would have already have the audience they need for their hotel to be successful. Before reaching out to brands, ask yourself “What value am I adding to this Brand” If you can’t see the value, think harder and dig a little deeper to see how this can be resolved.

5 Things to Consider when Approaching Brands as a Creative (Influencer)

  1. Approach the Right Person

Naturally, this would have come up in the Research stage we mentioned in point #2.  It saves so much time if you send your request to the right person. One important thing to note is that most Brands and Companies work with an Agency. This means messages and emails you send will not go to them first but through the Agency and it is then sometimes, please note “sometimes” passed on to the right person. In the research stage, you need to know who the Marketing Director or Brand Manager and find a way to get past their gatekeepers (secretaries, assistants) and send them your request directly.

An extra step you can add in here is to make a phone call, yup I know so old school but it works! Once you have the name of the person, call the company and ask for that person, introduce yourself and what you do, then let them know you will be sending an email so they can get a better understanding of who you are and what you do. Be sure to do a follow-up call 2-3 days later to see if they got your email and if they had the chance to review.

holding yourself accountable in life

  1. Are you Ready to Actually Work?

This of course is from experience at my “day job” with an Influencer we used in a recent Brand activation. This Influencer was chosen by the males on the team mainly because of her looks but when it was all said and done she failed to deliver.  Here is what was requested of her in a synopsis:

  • Talent for Video
  • Share the video on own personal Social Media Platforms

She delivered the 1st request like a professional as she is no stranger to the camera but when it came on to share the content, this is where she failed! Yes, there was a release form that was shared and signed on both ends but she just did not deliver. Sometimes we take on more than we can chew for the sake of getting paid but we do not anticipate the level of work required for the Brand. Think of the actor from Grownish, Luka Sabbat who was sued by PR Consulting Inc for not delivering what he was paid for.

“The suit also says that Sabbat also reportedly reneged the agreement to be photographed wearing the specs in public during Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks. The suit seeks reimbursement of $45,000, plus an additional $45,000 in damages. The contract stated that Sabbat was to be paid $60,000 in total, with $45,000 upfront.

Luka Sabbat - Influencer
Luka Sabbat was sued by PR Consulting Inc for not posting what he was paid for

As a Blogger sometimes I get simple projects like writing a Blog Posts or more hectic, demanding projects like:

  • 1 Blog Post
  • Share on All Social Media Platforms
  • Create a Review/ Video for IGTV
  • Create IG Stories
  • Review the Product/service on IG +FB live

I’m sure you realize this is a lot and while these types of collabs require a larger pay I know that I cannot commit to all of these things so I simply say “No” or I say what I can deliver in a timely manner.  It is also important to get a Release Form, Contract and Deliverables from the brand you are working with.

I hope these 5 things will help you to be a bit clear on how to approach brands as a Creative (Influencer)

If you are interested in learning more about being a Professional Blogger in Jamaica or worldwide, please send an email to and we will be happy to assist. Bookings will be coming soon for one-on-one coaching sessions.

#5 Things to Consider when Approaching Brands as a Creative (Influencer)

#5 Things to Consider when Approaching Brands as a Creative (Influencer)

#5 Things to Consider when Approaching Brands as a Creative (Influencer)

#5 Things to Consider when Approaching Brands as a Creative (Influencer)

#5 Things to Consider when Approaching Brands as a Creative (Influencer)

#5 Things to Consider when Approaching Brands as a Creative (Influencer)

#5 Things to Consider when Approaching Brands as a Creative (Influencer)

#5 Things to Consider when Approaching Brands as a Creative (Influencer)

#5 Things to Consider when Approaching Brands as a Creative (Influencer)


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