7 Questions with VENA: The Goddess Experience

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 It was just about a week ago when I was scrolling through Instagram when I saw the most beautiful earrings!
Of all the accessories, Earrings are my favorite as they can transform the simplest outfit into something chic and elegant Or make a look go from “Cheap N’ Cheerful” to luxurious. I was immediately hooked and before I knew it,  I was deep into the world of custom-made earrings that had pretty pastel colors with pops of gold and some even had fringes! If I was about to be shadow-banned for anything, it would be for liking earrings because I clicked “like” on almost all of them!
  In the spirit of supporting small businesses, I decided to reach out to the owner of VENA, just to learn more about the brand with hopes that you will fall in love too, and even support! Today for the first in a long-time we go “Behind the Seams” with VENA. 

7 Questions with VENA: The Goddess Experience


Haute People: Tell us about yourself

VENA: I am an accessory designer, writer, and journalist, born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, where I still live with my family today. I have no actual children, but  I do consider myself the proud mama of my business, VENA- The Goddess Experience, which is to date, the best single thing I have ever created.  I also studied Communications at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, during which time I began working at the state media house here, where I spent just shy of five years as a broadcast journalist. Last December, I transitioned into private media and am currently employed as a News Editor at the Trinidad and Tobago Radio Network (TTRN). A gentle warrior spirit is how I describe myself- definitely not the most outspoken person in the room but I speak up for what I am passionate about without hesitation. 

VENA: The Goddess Experience

Haute People: How did the VENA brand come about?
VENA: The VENA brand itself is actually new because I rebranded at the start of 2019 but I’ve actually been creating for a few years before. So I suppose we should backtrack a bit.  I’ve been passionate about design for pretty much all my life- something I inherited from my mother who made most of her outfits as a young woman around my age.
Still, I always say my business happened “by accident” because it truly started out as a hobby for me.
At 17 years old, I created a Youtube channel with the name ‘Fashion Evolution’ where I offered style tips, make-up tutorials, and whatever else interested me at the time. I also made my own earrings then but it was initially meant only for me. Friends would compliment them but it wasn’t until I started living alone while attending university, that I considered turning my passion into an actual business venture. I guess there is value in being a broke university student, after all! It wasn’t until 2015 though, that I really dived in. I made some designs and posted them online and to my surprise the feedback was amazing! I was invited by Tshenelle Bethel-Peters, a local fashion and lifestyle blogger, to showcase my stuff at a natural hair event that was being hosted at the time. And that is pretty much where it began for me! Rebranding at the very beginning of last year was the best decision I could have made because the brand is a reflection of who I am today, having evolved from the bright-eyed teen who started without much direction ten years ago, to a young woman who has earned her spot in the industry.
VENA is actually my maternal grandmother’s name- she passed when I was 11 but I am comforted in knowing I am helping to keep her legacy alive through this work, while also creating a legacy for my own family that I hope to have someday.
Haute People: What is one valuable lesson you’ve learned since being in business thus far?
VENA:  Gosh, so many lessons! Perhaps I’ll go with the one that constantly repeats itself- is willing to bet on yourself, regardless! When I first started in the industry, I questioned my space a lot. I look back today and give thanks for growth but I still want to hug that version of myself who felt like there was no space for her. Of course, I knew that I was talented and my work was good, but I felt like an outsider in many ways- most of which were concocted in my head. I’ve always been very outgoing with loved ones but putting yourself out there is a whole other ball game, especially when anxiety rears its head. My business began flourishing only when I did the soul work to face my personal fears and insecurities, became okay with starting imperfectly and committed to loving myself through the successes, yes, but more importantly through the failures.
You always feel better to know you’ve actually tried, you know?
Also, if I can squeeze in another, it would be that no man is an island. We as Caribbean people ought to know that lesson well. Collaboration and support are key- it genuinely makes me happy to see my sisters flourishing in their journeys because I know a stronger industry requires all parts to be functioning well.
Haute People: What inspires your designs?
VENA: I’m inspired by any and everything! Design is almost like a ritual for me, I’m not formally trained in it. Firstly, there’s almost always a cup of tea involved in my work, or wine for the extra days. But the actual imagery comes in many ways- I just try to keep my spirit open to receive the inspiration. Sometimes it’s a song- I listen to a lot of conscious music while I create (Jah-9, India Arie, Erykah Badu, and Peter Tosh and Chronixx are most repeated in my playlist) sometimes it is a conversation with a friend. They come in dreams, or from my environment. Sometimes it comes after a long, ugly cry about lacking inspiration. But I have learned that once I stay the course, it will keep on coming.

Haute People:  Who would you say is the Ideal “VENA Woman”?

VENA: The ideal VENA woman is someone who is passionate about life and walks fully in her power, whatever that might look like for her- because I accept that looks different to different people. I’m obviously very inspired by black women, our stories and experiences, and African/Caribbean culture- the pieces pretty much speak for themselves in that way… As someone who has personally “played small” for a long time, it makes me happy to cater to women who take pride in standing out. My customers fuel me more than they know and as much as I give to them, they have given to me. It’s really like a small community that I’m beyond grateful for and humbled by.


Haute People: Describe the VENA Brand in 3 words?
Afrocentric. Quality. Bold.
Haute People: Where can we find your pieces? 

VENA: We’re currently working on our website which we’re really excited about! In the meantime, customers can find us via our social media platforms @VenaExperience on Instagram and Facebook. We facilitate orders via those platforms or customers are also welcome to contact us via an email

 or via Whatsapp 1-868-353-9312

#7 Questions with VENA: The Goddess Experience
#7 Questions with VENA: The Goddess Experience
#7 Questions with VENA: The Goddess Experience
#7 Questions with VENA: The Goddess Experience
#7 Questions with VENA: The Goddess Experience

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