The Rise of the Telfar Bag | Fashion’s Latest IT Bag

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It was just a few days ago when a co-worker asked If I’ve heard about the “Telfar” bags — No I replied! He then went on to say :

How could you not? everybody is talking about the bags on Twitter and they are sold out! You should take a look”

 Take a look I did, and the love connection I made with that bag was Instantaneous! The bags are beautifully made and designed and most of all they are reasonably priced! I don’t know about anybody else, but I love a good price on a well-made item!

If you’ve heard about the brand and would like to know more OR if you’ve never heard about the brand, that’s why we are here… we’ve got you covered. Just keep reading this article to learn more and find out why Telfar has been dubbed as Fashion’s latest “It” bag.

The Rise of the Telfar Bag | Fashion’s Latest IT Bag

Telfar Clemens is a Liberian-American fashion designer and the founder of Telfar, a fashion label based in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

The brand that was introduced to the public in 2014 features a line of bags known as “Shopping Bags”. The bags are made from Vegan Leather, branded with a signature “T” and are priced between $ 150 to  $257. The thing that makes people go wild over this bag is the practicality of the design — since it comes in three (3) sizes: Small, Medium, and Large it can be worn every day so the spend is justifiable.

Their roomy, top-handle shape makes them functional for everyday wear, but the logo makes them instantly

This bag has become so popular that it has been dubbed the “Bushwick Birkin” as almost all the cool people in Brooklyn can be seen wearing one and it has even become a favorite among models like Bella Hadid and Celebs like Dua Lipa!  

Dua Lipa wears a large Telfar Bag

The secret ingredient behind the Telfar Bag is that it has managed to remain relevant since it’s initial launch– people have an insatiable appetite for the bag that whenever there are surprise re-stocks they sell out right away and are never to be seen again. 

There is an issue though with the bags relating to them appearing on re-sell sites like the RealReal, where people purchase them and hike the price times three because they know it’s a hot commodity. This is not surprising as this is how shoppers think — If there is a demand for something, people make it their duty to purchase at the original price then sell higher to make a profit. 

The Biggest win here is for Telfar himself and the Black Fashion Community on a whole who have often been overlooked!

“I’m happy Telfar has this popular status though. I hope more Black fashion creators can achieve this status as well.”

If you are an avid supporter of the brand, keep holding the faith, there might be the next drop soon!

Will you be getting a Telfar Bag? Which color are you Interested In?


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#The Rise of the Telfar Bag | Fashion’s Latest IT Bag

#The Rise of the Telfar Bag | Fashion’s Latest IT Bag

#The Rise of the Telfar Bag | Fashion’s Latest IT Bag

#The Rise of the Telfar Bag | Fashion’s Latest IT Bag

#The Rise of the Telfar Bag | Fashion’s Latest IT Bag

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