Jamaican Comedian Dufton “Duffy”Shepherd is “Slightly Unhinged”

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“There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.” -Charles Dickens

Multi-Hyphenate Dufton “Duffy” Shepherd has continued to impress audiences with his versatility. 

He can Emcee an event with ease, command the attention of audiences of a live T.V Show, he is the soothing voice on the radio and he’s also a Comedian.

Yes, we’ve wondered if it’s possible for one person to be this talented and excel at multiple skills and he’s mastered them all, but his passion is being a Comedian.

What’s his latest venture you might ask? His very own Pay-per-view series called “Slightly UNHINGED”, that goes deep into the mind of “Duffy” as he shares his stories in a comical way with the help of other fellow comedic partners.

As the conceptualizer of the Slightly UNHINGED brand and stand-up comedy show, this ambitious Tauran credits his gift for standup comedy to his parents. “Duffy” always says,

“I am a stand-up comedian by profession, but my parents and my siblings are the funniest people I know…”

We recently spoke to the Comedian who was beaming with excitement to tell us all about “Slightly UNHINGED” and how COVID has pivoted his business. 


Haute People: Tell us about “Slightly UNHINGED”!

Dufton: Slightly UNHINGED started in 2019 last year. I’ve been in stand-up comedy for about 12-13 years now. After Mike Epps came to Jamaica in 2018 and I did the “Outburst” show, I said to myself: “It’s about time I did my own Stand-up Comedy special, because all the established comedians across the world have at least one comedy special.”

So, I did it in 2019 and it was great! I had an 8 o’clock show, and it was sold out so quickly, that I had to add a 5 o’clock Show. That was also sold out! That has never happened in Jamaica before so I decided to make it an annual show. I was planning it for this year and here comes COVID which threw off everything; Slightly UNHINGED was scheduled for May 2020 and COVID messed up all the plans.  

COVID pushed us towards Zoom and other video platforms, but for me something was missing; I didn’t want to do it like that! I wanted the energy and authenticity of stand-up comedy and those were missing with this ‘new way’. I wanted the Comedian, Microphone, Stage and an audience. I racked my brain and said, “How can I do that”? So, I combined the elements, I got a small audience, followed the COVID protocols, got the stage, did the background, and got a crew together and recorded the show for online distribution.

Jamaican Comedian Dufton Shepherd is “Slightly UNHINGED”


Haute People: What is the performance format?

Dufton: We are up to Episode 4, we have already shot it. It’s a monthly show that we started in June. It’s a socially-distanced crowd; we’re shooting it with an audience and also following the COVID -19 protocols. The show is Pay-per-view so you can go to my websites www.slightlyunhingedja.com or www.duftonshepherd.com and purchase the shows there and watch them. The format is – Me and a guest comedian; he/she performs first, then I perform, we both do approximately 30 mins each, of pure stand-up comedy.

Look out for one episode every month with at least 2 comedians per episode. Slightly UNHINGED online will be an ongoing offering and because I didn’t want to use up my pool of comedians in Jamaica too quickly, I’m also looking to bring in other comedians from overseas but the Protocols require the 2 weeks in isolation. For now, it’s the local Jamaican Comedians and we talk about a variety of trending topics. 

Haute People: Who are some of the “special guests” on the Show?

Dufton: I’ve had 4 performers so far: The first one was Dahlia Harris, the second was Christopher “Johnny” Daley”, 3rd was Owen “Blakka” Ellis and 4th was Alton Hardware aka “Fancy Cat”.

Haute People: How did you prepare for this?

Dufton: Luckily enough, being in Entertainment I’ve been exposed to the right people at the right time who I’ve built great relationships with over the years. The Camera Crew, the Editor, and all others, are people who I’ve worked with and can vouch for.

These are people I’ve interacted with throughout my Entertainment Career and they just came at the right time. So when I decided to reach out, everybody was ready to go.


Haute People: Comedy in a time of despair is necessary — what can viewers expect?

Dufton: Viewers can expect Entertainment! There is always something to laugh about. We approach different topics and throw in a Jamaican/Caribbean perspective.

The live show is also something that we are continually looking to improve on, in terms of the offering and the experience. I want the live audience to look forward to attending the recording of Slightly UNHINGED, similar to the Wendy Williams Show or The Late-Night Shows with audiences who were waiting for months to attend the show.

The Live recording of the show is definitely something that I’m pushing. When you come to the live show the experience should be different. Between the acts, before and after, we have giveaways, music, food and fun interaction. It’s a real “Slightly UNHINGED” experience. Watching the Live Recording and being at the show are two different experiences. I have plans on how I want to grow it and eventually I want people to be flying from other regions to come and be a part of the LIVE audience.

Dufton Shepherd

Haute People: As a Content Creator/ Producer, How have you pivoted your Business?

Dufton: I don’t think there is much of a choice in this new way of living. The online space is something to explore and exploit, Slightly UNHINGED is a formula that works and will continue to work.

The only thing is; we’re not fully accustomed to this type of Comedy in Jamaica, so the resources that are needed, come out of pocket, from me. But I know that with these shows, eventually other people will come on board and want to be a part of it. The biggest thing is Content – Content is king and we have great Content Creators in Jamaica. We just need the support in getting a platform so the world can see it and to monetize it so it’s profitable.

This is the real pivot; there are no LIVE shows right now in the way we know, so let’s focus on how to get the same quality shows to people all over the world, in a different way.

The world is always looking for what’s next. Brand Jamaica is absolutely HUGE … HUGE … HUGE !! The rest of the world looks to us for what’s next, what’s new or what’s the next product. 

I’m a Product, a Brand, I do Radio, TV, Hosting and many other things, so I don’t have a choice — I have to do something to keep moving.


Haute People: What are 3 Reasons People should tune in?

Dufton: Umm 3 things? Well

  1. You are going to be thoroughly entertained
  2. This a chance to walk through the mind of Dufton “Duffy” Shepherd, a creative, talented and ‘Slightly UNHINGED’ Jamaican comedian. When I’m on stage and performing I’m sharing – I’m delivering and sharing with the world. This is what goes on in my mind and my perspective of these issues.
  1. It’s about brand Jamaica and how creative we are as individuals. I’m not afraid to take chances, there is a phrase that says ” It’s not done until it’s being done”. Before COVID, stand-up comedy was not done like this, in Jamaica, the Caribbean or this side of the world, now I’m going to do it alongside many other talented comedians.

Plus….I have a daughter who looks up to me and this is my legacy to her – I can’t tell her to follow her dreams if I’m not doing it. I’m going to follow my dreams no matter what!


Jamaican Comedian Dufton Shepherd is “Slightly Unhinged”

Jamaican Comedian Dufton Shepherd is “Slightly Unhinged”

Jamaican Comedian Dufton Shepherd is “Slightly Unhinged”

Jamaican Comedian Dufton Shepherd is “Slightly Unhinged”

Jamaican Comedian Dufton Shepherd is “Slightly Unhinged”

Jamaican Comedian Dufton Shepherd is “Slightly Unhinged”

Jamaican Comedian Dufton Shepherd is “Slightly Unhinged”

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