Kenzo Spring 2021 Ready-to-Wear | A Dystopian BeeKeeper

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The future is here which was evident in the Kenzo Spring 2021 Ready-to-Wear Collection!

Oliveira Baptista, a nature obsessive with roots in the luxuriant hills of the Azores, wants to instill his work with the harmonious and optimistic aspects of the environment, themes that also core to Kenzo.

What made the collection interesting is the way it was set-up which has an eerie reference to how the world is currently. There was a human-size plastic tunnel system set up inside a garden. As the guests entered, a hatch immediately opened and scurred them inside, then it immediately closed and another one opened.  Invited guests to the show were Fashion Editors of major Magazines.

Kenzo Spring 2021 Ready-to-Wear | A Dystopian BeeKeeper

The Collection stayed true to his obsession with a Dystopian Society where a documentary about a Beekeeper was used as a reference where a Fashionably dressed lady in a Beekeeper’s outfit was the star of the show! The film portrays the contrast between its protagonist, a lady who respects the bees and only ever takes the honey she needs to survive—“half for me, and a half for you”—and her industrious neighbors, who deplete the natural resources and end up killing the bees. 

“It’s one of the most ancient collaborations between man and nature,” Oliveira Baptista said, explaining that the image of the beekeeper came to him amid what he sees as a moment in which humankind is bargaining with the ecosystem. “I wanted to express something about the fragility of the situation we are in. Everyone goes to the low of the situation—fear and anxiety—but we go to the high: dreaming of optimism and a future and going back to the things we’ve been missing.”

Kenzo Spring 2021 Ready-to-wear

The pieces were featured bright pieces which kina look like they could have been worn in another version of The Maze Runner or I am Number 4 — but were they wearable?  I’m guessing for them to really be practical, they would need to be paired with other pieces but not with each other. We love brands that are bold and different and this collection was able to tell a story through Fashion.

After seeing the images, are you feeling the looks? Tell us what you would wear the pieces with and for what occasion.

#Kenzo Spring 2021 Ready-to-Wear | A Dystopian BeeKeeper


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