Get to Know Me: Answering Your Most Asked Questions

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I find that people are responding really well to posts that are about me where I’m “front-facing” the Haute People brand. I understand that 100% of people respond better when they can put a name to a face and of course when they know something about you or that you’ve gone through similar things make me relatable. 

Today, I will be doing the long-awaited “Get to Know Me” where I will answer your most asked questions about me!

Get to Know Me: Answering Your Most Asked Questions


How old are you?

I am 33 years old! Yes, I get the “Oh My God, you look so young” every day and I often ask ” Is there one way a 33-year-old is supposed to look? Let’s factor in genetics and that fact that everyone in my family looks younger than they actually are, and of course Lifestyle – I take really good care of myself which we all should be by exercising 4 times per week at the gym and I eat as clean as healthy as I can and I, of course, try my best to minimize stress and I sleep! I got to bed quite early and finally I moisturize. I am an Aquarian, the water sign, and my Birthday is February 13.

Get to Know Me

What is your Favourite Colour?

My favorite colour/s are black and white OR Black or White. Get it? I like items of clothing that are black and white together and I also like both black and white as separates. This is something I grew into and if anybody told me that would be my favorite color I would probably laugh. I am a Caribbean girl through and through and I loved prints and bold colors when I was younger.

What is your Favourite Food?

Shrimp! Anything with Shrimp and to be more specific the Shrimp Black bean from China Garden in New Kingston. I am a really picky eater since I was a child until now but I don’t have a bad relationship with food. The list of foods I don’t eat is longer than the things I do eat.

What is your Favourite TV Show?

I love American local TV so I love all the shows that are in season on NBC, FOX, CBS, etc and I try to watch as many of them as I can. My favorites are: All Rise, Bull, Dancing with the Stars, The Masked Singer, The Bachelor/ Bachelorette, The Neighbourhood, Bob Loves Abishola, and Black-ish.

What are you Currently Watching on Netflix?

I’ve finished watching both seasons of The Alienist and I’m now on The Queens Gambit and The Crown Season 4 respectively.

Get to Know Me

What is One thing you dislike about being a woman?

Wearing Lipstick. I’m a chapstick and gloss girl. I also hate that in some situations as a woman, when I speak out and have a voice, I’m deemed as sensitive. When a guy speaks out in the same situation, he is deemed as strong, proactive, and forward-thinking.

What is One thing you love bout being a woman?

Feminity! I love having that ‘female power” that allows me to get something I want by simply wearing an outfit or speaking in a particular way.. Guys are physical beings so definitely my feminine energy.

What is one thing that annoys you about people?

I’m gonna list 3: 

Bad manners: When a guy walks ahead of you and pushes a door open and lets himself in. When you are in conversation with a person and they get on the phone without saying “excuse me” and when they get back there are no apologies. So annoying. Also, people who have private conversations in public settings with their phones on speaker. People who cut other people off while they are speaking.

Poor Hygiene: People who do not shower, use deodorant, or don’t groom themselves. Taking care of yourself does not require a lot and it’s not vain. This goes for both male and female.

People, who chew loudly: Can you hear yourself? Because I can hear you! Loud and clear. Chewing with your mouth closed takes practice, so start today and you should be good.

What do you Do for a living?

I am an Account Manager at an Agency! Click the link below to read all about what this entails.

What I do for a Living as An Account Manager


I hope you know a little bit more about me and that I was able to add value to your life.

#Get to Know Me: Answering Your Most Asked Questions

#Get to Know Me: Answering Your Most Asked Questions

#Get to Know Me: Answering Your Most Asked Questions

#Get to Know Me: Answering Your Most Asked Questions

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