Breaking Down the Fashion in Bridgerton + Unveiling Lady Whistledown

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Netflix’s latest cult favorite “Bridgerton” premiered on Christmas Day and is on everyone’s lips and Social Media feed. If you are not yet caught up on this new series, not to worry I’ll tell you all about it and break down the Fashion in the series.

Bridgerton is an American streaming television period drama series created by Chris Van Dusen and produced by Shonda Rhimes. It is based on Julia Quinn’s novels set in the competitive world of Regency London high society’s ton during the season when debutantes are presented at court.

About the Show

Season one gives an introduction of the eight (8) Bridgerton siblings and their widowed mother.  We are soon introduced to the oldest sister, 21-year-old Daphne who recently had her debutante ball and is on the market to find a husband from a wealthy family. Daphne is the pinnacle of perfection and is beautiful, poised, graceful,  innocent and of course, a virgin as this was held in high esteem back then.


During this period, young ladies were groomed to be wives and run the household and was expected to produce an heir to carry on the fortune and family name. She meets a young un-assuming Duke ( her brother’s friend) who she falls for. Duke Simon is older and is not like the other guys who all seem to have the “Prince Charming” vibe– he is bold, rigid, and doesn’t seem to care about hurting her feeling, and is emotionally unavailable. Like most love stories of star-crossed lovers who are polar opposites, they fall in love and eventually marries. I know that most of you have not yet seen the series, so I’ve left out quite a lot just to set up the premise so you will go ahead and watch. 

Breaking Down the Fashion in Bridgerton + Unveiling Lady Whistledown

As the series is set in the 1800s, the era of corsets and large dresses, we will be sharing some of the looks. The show’s costume designer Ellen Mirojnick ensured that though the characters are fictional, the clothing fit the era and still has that 2020 feel. The show had 7,500 costumes in total with Daphne having a whopping 104!

The show is narrated by a voice (Julie Andrews)  that no one knows who drops secrets about members of the high society through the post! Not a Social Media Post or text message but an actual post (mail) by way of a printed bulletin.  Who is lady Whistledown? That’s a secret I’ll never tell! But I’ll give you a clue, think back to Gossip Girl and think of someone who is like Dan and is considered the Underdog. This person is deemed as long-suffering and is in love with one of the main characters. This person is also is friends with both the rich and not so rich and is everywhere at all times and you’ll know who it is! It was so obvious that I found out by the third episode! This person loves to Gossip and knows everyone and everything!

#Breaking Down the Fashion in Bridgerton + Unveiling Lady Whistledown

#Breaking Down the Fashion in Bridgerton + Unveiling Lady Whistledown

#Breaking Down the Fashion in Bridgerton + Unveiling Lady Whistledown

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