Can the Fashion Industry Recover in 2021?

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Pfizer, BioNTech, Moderna – three names signaling hope for the world. The speedy development of Covid-19 vaccines is widely expected to bring back a semblance of normalcy by the end of 2021. But can fashion rebound on the same timeline?

It’s unlikely.

Too much has changed for fashion to go back to what it was before the outbreak of the pandemic (and let’s not kid ourselves, the industry was already significantly challenged then).

What the Professionals have to say

The pandemic has hit the fashion and retail sectors hard from every angle. Several designer brands, especially smaller ones, became Covid casualties. Stores struggled to stay in business, and many did not survive months of closures. The supply chain was broken. Unemployment continues to remain high – and many of those who have employees work from home which means less need for high fashion.

Consider these challenges an opportunity to reset the system and transform into an industry for the future – based around consumer’s new lifestyles, sustainability, diversity, and, of course, fabulous design.

We’re ready. Are you? Written by Marc Karimzadeh – All rights reserved

Can the Fashion Industry Recover in 2021?

This was an article I found on one of the Fashion Membership sites I’m a part of that I thought I would share. I am in agreement with the writer that the Fashion Industry will not recover this year. We saw major retail giants like Barney’s and Nordstrom close their doors and smaller businesses becoming COVID-casualties. Fashion is an industry that is both visual and tangible and with COVID restrictions, the last thing people want to do is gather in large crowds like Fashion Week to see their favorite designs strutting down the runway.

Miu Miu

As a Blogger based in Jamaica, a part of my content and connections relies heavily on making my yearly trip to New York for Fashion Week.  After the events, I would attend a networking event that had thousands of people in attendance where we would exchange contact info then meet for smaller networking events. As you can see, this industry is “people-focused”. The designers need models to wear their clothing and it also takes a full team of other creatives to get them ready then bodies in seats to watch the designs down the runway and finally seeing those designs in stores with other people. It’s all about people making contact with each other and commodities.

With all being said though the Fashion Industry may not fully recover, we can surely pivot and think of new ways to pique the interest of fashion enthusiasts by thinking outside the box and go digital like Hanifa.

Do you think The Fashion Industry will recover in 2021? Comment why or why not below!

#Can the Fashion Industry Recover in 2021?

#Can the Fashion Industry Recover in 2021?

#Can the Fashion Industry Recover in 2021?

#Can the Fashion Industry Recover in 2021?

#Can the Fashion Industry Recover in 2021?


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