How Changing my Routine Made Me More Successful

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How many days does it take to form a routine?

The bottom line

It can take anywhere from 18 to 254 days for a person to form a new habit and an average of 66 days for a new behavior to become automatic. I was determined to form positive habits last year that I would later transition into a routine. Each year I have goals and one way to accomplish those is by being intentional. This of course comes by creating a rigid structure and routine. It was not easy to create a routine and stick to it but ever since I did this, it has made me more successful. If you are interested in learning  How Changing my Routine Made Me More Successful, keep reading.

Why I Created a Routine

In everything we do, there must be a why! Why did I start Blogging or why did I start a routine? To answer this question simply, I wanted to get my life on track and have control and grow in certain areas! This, of course, is a lot to take in but I just wanted my life to be at a point where I can hold myself accountable for certain decisions and not be stuck in one place.  Once I figured out my why I then went on to hatch the plan of my routine and how it would all play out.

How Changing my Routine Made Me More Successful

The first thing I did, was broke my routine down into categories; Body, Mind, and Spirit, yes spirit.  


Since May of 2020, I started getting up at 5 am to have my personal devotion. I identify as Christian and though I do not o to church as often as I would like, I’ve been making it my duty to work on my relationship with God (Jesus). I’ve been reading the Bible + Praying more and really trying my best to live as peacefully with people as I can.  This has helped me to be more logical, forgiving, and humble and try to see different perspectives and situations from a different angle. It keeps me grounded and makes me more relatable and human.

Successful Routine


Next, I’ve been going to the gym since October of 2020. Going to the gym is something I’ve always wanted to do, but I kept talking myself out of it. I always thought I would never have the money or time and I would not be able to keep up because of my asthma. I made the plunge and have not looked back ever since. Going to the gym is a lifestyle change and not a fad that will end in 6 months and it goes hand in hand with my diet. I have since seen physical changes where I’ve lost body fat but still maintained my feminine shape which has boosted my confidence. Let’s be honest, I look great and I’ve even been taking more pictures. It has also helped with my stress at work as when I work out I release endorphins ( happiness triggers) and I’m excited to do something that gives me positive results.


Another important part of my routine is feeding my mind with positive things! I do not watch or listen to things that are negative like gossip shows or music that is hardcore and depicts violence. Instead, I have been reading more and I’ve taken a few FREE  Google courses online so I can learn more and contribute to my job and apply all that I’ve learned to this Blog. If you feel like you are at a disadvantage in life or your career because you don’t know enough; you can do one of two things or both. Read a book about the subject or enroll yourself in a course, this could be online or in person. We are in the age of information where everything you need to know is a click away. Do yourself a favor and elevate yourself by feeding your mind with something positive.

These are all the things I’ve done to form a routine that made me more successful.

If you do not have a routine, I implore you to from one to help get your life on track! As always,, I hope that I was able to add value to at least one person’s life.

#How Changing my Routine Made Me More Successful

#How Changing my Routine Made Me More Successful

#How Changing my Routine Made Me More Successful

#How Changing my Routine Made Me More Successful



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