The Wendy Williams Movie: What a Mess

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Talk-Show Host and well-known Media Personality, Wendy Williams has been promoting and “hyping up” her Lifetime Movie which premiered on Saturday, January 30, 2021.

The movie with the name “Wendy Williams: The Movie” premiered on Lifetime Network at 8 pm and sparked a few controversies in the Twitterverse and we of course would like to add our 2 cents. If you are interested in knowing our thoughts on the Movie, keep reading.

Wendy Williams The Movie

Young Wendy

The movie starts with an 11-year-old Wendy, where we are introduced to her family. Wendy has already made it clear that she comes from a Middle-class family and grew up in Asbury Park New Jersey which was clearly depicted in the film. This is highlighted with the size of her house and that each child had their own bedroom and there was even a maid. We see where Wendy stood out for all the wrong reasons, as she was the heaviest and darkest child in her class which played on her self-esteem and anxiety. There was a scene where she was playing musical chairs and broke a chair because of her weight and was thrown out because she made the kids uncomfortable. There was another scene where she was getting ready for this same party and was trying to squeeze into a dress where her mother again embarrassed her by calling her older sister Wanda to try to help her and her father stops in to comment that she would be so much prettier if she just lost a few pounds.  

Wendy Williams The Movie
Ciera Payton stars in “Wendy Williams: The Movie,” premiering Saturday on Lifetime.

The Wendy Williams Movie:  What a Mess

The story then jumped all the way to Radio Wendy which was of course super confusing as we saw 11-year-old Wendy looking at colleges in her room all of a sudden! BOOM! Adult Wendy arrived. We saw her journey from the Radio station to the radio station where she met artiste Sherrick. This was the only thing new to me as she shared where she was raped by the artiste who told her to shhh and from then she didn’t stop talking.  I would have loved to see how she handled this emotionally as a young up-and-coming Media personality but again like magic the movie jumped to Wendy in the club meeting Kevin. This again felt rushed as there was no back story to Kevin as he suddenly y appeared. We are introduced to her first Husband Bert Girigorie who she dubbed as her “starter marriage”. He treated her less than human where they ended up breaking up the marriage and she found herself pregnant.  Let me just interject by saying Wendy has a type and it is no surprise how some of the situations turned out.

The Abortion she didn’t speak about

At this point in the movie, things started to change and come together and finally started to make sense! She was faced with the tough decision to have an abortion as she was at her breakthrough and didn’t want to risk it all by having a child for somebody she hated.

Wendy Williams The Movie

Kelvin “Kevin” Hunter

Kevin Hunter was described as a “Thug with a heart of Gold” and was not the kind of man her mother would want for her, but exactly the man she prayed for. Their relationship progressed rather quickly like everything else in the movie where she became pregnant multiple times and had 2  5 month miscarriages. For the final pregnancy, she was put on bed rest due to a weak pelvis and eventually delivered Kevin Junior (which we already knew). During this time Kevin was cheating with multiple women and she kept taking him back. The final straw left her in rehab than a halfway-house as she relapsed. The drug use and dependency during the movie was the most real and most consistent thing in the film and I’m glad she chose to highlight this.

After that, the movie again jumps to Kevin being unfaithful and Wendy taking him back! There was even a scene when she was in a boardroom with the full staff where Kevin was late and made a scene where he threw a watch on the glass table, turned over a chair, and left. I also didn’t know that Kevin bought his side chick a full-grand house where she lived 10 minutes from the house. The scene where she dropped by the house with Kevin’s friend who outed him and sprayed on the garage door was a boss move! I don’t know if that actually happened, but if it did, go Wendy!

Final Thoughts

The movie was “meh” just a little bit ok, but I expected it to be a bit more greasy and in-depth (kinda like the New Edition Story), but it barely touched on the surface. I also felt Wendy could have used her own voice to narrate the story instead of the Actress and they could have used the actual “Wendy” studio as the backdrop instead of having the actress standing in front of a green screen. We already knew most of the things that happened because she told them herself.

The Charmalagne story could have been more developed as they were not friends for years because of something that happened in the past, so this could have been emphasized in the movie. He again just “appeared” out of nowhere — why was he even there? How did he become friends with Wendy and Kevin? It was all just a rushed mess!

Overall, I have this 5/10 and 10/10 for the acting as the characters did really well!

Did you watch the Wendy Williams movie? What are your thoughts?

#The Wendy Williams Movie: What a Mess

#The Wendy Williams Movie: What a Mess

#The Wendy Williams Movie: What a Mess

#The Wendy Williams Movie: What a Mess

#The Wendy Williams Movie: What a Mess

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