Shenseea is E! New’s Ones To Watch, Celebrating Black Voices

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Jamaican Dancehall Artiste, Shenseea has a lot to celebrate these days with E! New’s Ones to Watch!

The artiste made her debut on the popular show during the Black History Month feature “Ones To Watch, Celebrating Black Voices”.  She discusses Being a Black Woman in the Music Industry where she begins by saying:

Not only my sound but my music is unique, I personally refer to myself as a Chameleon, you know sometimes I can hear people and other artistes and just easily adapt their sounds when I figure it out like different tones.

Shenseea is E! New’s Ones To Watch, Celebrating Black Voices

She went on to describe her music as energetic, as it speaks the truth and is inspired by what she is currently going through or what somebody else is going through. Music to her must be relatable, it must speak to the listeners on a personal level so they can have a certain connection to it — she writes from the heart.


Being a Woman in the Music Industry

As a  woman, we are expected to do the most! A man can go on stage and he can sing his normal songs,  jump up, build a likkle vibes. For women, it’s like we’re expected to be like a stripper on the stage while singing. And that is why I try to shift the focus where I stopped trying to write the type of music that people might think I’m required to buss it down on the stage.  Things you can relate to and that I can sing out, rather than, hey, let’s do some twerking.


Her Motivations

Shenseea further went on to talk about her top priorities: God and her son. She expresses that she prays every single day, especially when she is down. The artiste cites her son as his biggest motivation in life and the fact that he’s a fan of her music makes it fun! When she is down, she can often hear him beatboxing or doing something that lifts her spirit.

Jamaican Culture is me — listening to even hip hop & r&b music growing up, I find that, hey, I want to be this pop star, like Rihanna.  I would often say as a child ” I want to be the next Rihanna, I want to be the next Rihanna”, I feel like I’m going to be the next Rihanna. But, as time went by, I said to myself,  I don’t want to be the next Rihanna,  I want to be the best version of myself”.

Words of Inspiration to upcoming Artistes

For words of inspiration to other artistes, Shenseea encourages people to be the best versions of themselves. When you love yourself and respect yourself –once you have the talent and work hard and once you bring yourself a certain way that people respect you, there’s nobody that’s gonna come to you with some form of a bull.  You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, just to get where you need to be.

From being inspired by Rihanna to how her son influences her music, the “Blessed” singer explains what got her where she is in the Industry. 

Click the link below to watch the full interview.

#Shenseea is E! New’s Ones To Watch, Celebrating Black Voices

#Shenseea is E! New’s Ones To Watch, Celebrating Black Voices

#Shenseea is E! New’s Ones To Watch, Celebrating Black Voices




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