5 Signs your Job is Toxic

And How to Create Your Exit Plan
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2021 is the year when a lot of millennials found their voice and self-worth and said goodbye to things like toxic jobs that no longer serve us. Gone are the days when people remained in jobs they hated or broke their spirits, simply because they needed a paycheck. We have evolved and are leaving toxic situations in the past. 

If you are currently in a toxic work situation and feeling trapped, I’ve been there and have lived to tell the tale and would like to share a few tips on how to make it through. If this is something you are interested in, keep reading as we share 5 signs your Job and is Toxic and how to leave.

What is a Toxic work environment?

Toxic workplaces can be defined as any job where the work, the atmosphere, the people, or any combination of those things cause serious disruptions in the rest of your life.

These disruptions can show up in any number of physical symptoms, says a recent article Toxic Work Environmentby coach and human-behavior professor Melody Wilding. These include “sleepless nights, feeling constantly vigilant, sweaty palms, and a racing heartbeat.”

“What’s more, toxic or hostile work environments have negative health impacts that can affect your personal life by “damaging everything from your self-esteem to your friendships,” states Wilding.


5 Signs your Job is Toxic And How to Create Your Exit Plan

Constant lack of clarity around projects. 

Imagine you just won a new client and you are sitting in a room with all your co-workers and you’ve all decided on the way forward. Then 2 days later your Boss or Senior Manager has changed direction (without your knowledge). If this has ever happened to you, your job is toxic.  There is nothing more degrading and undermining than having another person making you feel like you are less than intelligent. This, believe it or not, weighs heavily on your desire to be creative or even contribute

Different employees receiving different messages.

One team, One dream is not the mantra with this toxic sign. In this regard, if there are 5 people working on the same project, the boss gives each of you 5 different messages. This can be to create tension between the staff and it could more than likely mean the boss is confused and says and does whatever comes to mind. 

Passive-aggressive communication

In my case, my previous boss was not Jamaican and the way he would communicate certain messages to us was no less than shady. Let’s say he appears at work and has an epiphany and expects us to pull together a strategic plan in less than an hour. After we’ve all had that “oh my God, how is he expecting us to do this look“, he would reply with something like: “Maybe you can all prove to me that not all Jamaicans are lazy”. This of course is coming from a messy place on his part, but if you get this sort of communication, run!

Failure to listen

You cannot have a positive work environment if people, and in most cases, the boss refuse to listen! This again is from experience and I will share a scenario:  We’ve done the research and have come up with a fool-proof strategy, the budgets have been signed off and the only thing left to do is execute. There is one problem; the Boss did not listen to a word you said and is doing what he thinks is right and disregards all your hard work. He goes ahead with his plans, the client hates it and is wondering what the hell that was since that’s not what they agreed on, and you are back to square one, your original plan!

Constant “off-hours” communication.

Marketing is not a 9-5 job, however, I should not be forced to deal with work-related issues on my time! My boss should not be sending me an email at 11 p.m with a job to do by 11:30 p.m. Do not let any employer fool you and allow you to feel that you are obligated to respond to issues after your working hours. You are not! I repeat you are not! This is at your discretion and your call to make and if it’s a client you can let them know in a diplomatic way you will get the job done when the office opens, during office hours.

Toxic Work Environment
Worried mixed race businesswoman at work

How To Create Your Exit Plan

  1. Start applying to other jobs. Depending on where you live, start looking at job sites like, LinkedIn, Monster, and others. In this same breath, be sure to update your resume, photos, and portfolios. This is your time to move forward and you should be prepared.
  2. Research a side-hustle: Maybe you are not able to find another job, so what you can do is look at skills you already have that you can add a dollar value to bring in extra money. Are you good at hair, make-up, or even nails? Get on it girl and get your coins.
  3. Give yourself a Deadline: After you’ve gotten all your ducks in a row, have a realistic date in mind of when you want to leave! If you have children or other dependents, you have to think this fully through as you don’t want them to suffer in the process.
  4. Start paying off all Debt: When I decided to leave my previous job, I made a plan to pay off all credit cards and any other debts I had so I didn’t have those lingering over me. The worst thing is to be in a bad situation and have debt looming over you. It’s a horrible feeling.

If you find yourself in a toxic environment, start looking at ways to leave! It is not worth it to stay in a job you hate while your mental health is being challenged. 2021 has given us confidence and hope to learn that there are so many ways to make money and be happy and it does not have to include staying in a toxic work environment.

Have you been or is in a toxic work environment? What is your plan to change your situation? Tell us in the comments below

#5 Signs your Job is Toxic

#5 Signs your Job is Toxic

#5 Signs your Job is Toxic

#5 Signs your Job is Toxic

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