How Coach Revolutionized their Brand in 2020

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2020 was a year of devastation and uncertainty for many major Fashion brands that forced them to shut their doors. 

The stores that did not close down had to find creative ways to increase sales while keeping their consumers intrigued in their offerings when clothing and handbags were deemed as luxuries. One such brand that was able to find the secret sauce was Coach! Today, we will be looking at How Coach Revolutionized Their Brand in 2020.

About Coach

Coach is a high-end popular American brand and their target market with the price range of their purses (wallets) attracts consumers with some spare cash to splurge but who are not yet willing to spend the extra money required to buy one of the top luxury brands purses.

How Coach Revolutionized their Brand in 2020

Coach Beat Bag

I would personally describe Coch as a classic brand as they were the first to do a Monogram bag even before Louis Vuitton. Due to the popularity of brands such as Gucci made popular by Black Celebs and Athletes, Coach sort of fell by the wayside and was not a brand people were reaching for. In the Summer and Fall of 2020, the brand presented its collection that was described as:

For the Originals–past, present, future. A joyful celebration of craft and pop culture, where the off-beat charm
of the art-house collides with the authority of our heritage. Featuring the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat.

The Collection was a collaboration between the work of artist Jean-Michael Basquiat and Artistic Director Stuart Vevers. 

 “Basquiat is the ultimate cultural icon and a symbol of the unorthodox creativity that is nurtured in a place like New York,”

says Coach Artistic Director, Stuart Vevers. As we can see, a Fashion brand like Coach’s success is due in part to the Artistic Director who uses his creative vision and expertise to bring the brand to life. This brand was marketed to the 35 to 40’s age group in past years, but with fresh bold colors and a variety of textures and tones, it caught the eye of the 20 something Influencer! This discerning group is quite hard to please and will not wear something if it’s not trendy and cool enough for them to share on their Social Media Platforms.

Coach Tabby Bag

2021 was the re-birth of the brand so to speak when we were introduced to the Tabby and Beat bags which were the most sought-after bags of the season.  These bags maintained the original chic yet classic look but featured a younger design in its gold hardware and leather and soft material. 

The bags are inspired by bustling New York City and those who are going places and are crafted in soft glove-tanned leather and secured by an iconic C-logo buckle.  Other than bags, the brand also re-focused its energy to footwear that was inspired by the popular air force ones.

If you are looking to purchase your first designer item but not too sure which brand to go with, I highly recommend Coach.

Key Takeaways

  • In order for a brand to be successful, they have to sell items their audience wants to purchase and wear proudly
  • Diversification is the name of the game if a brand wants to remain relevant
  • An Artistic Director with a clear vision can change a brand completely
  • In the Digital Age, Influencers can make or break a brand and should be considered as Thought-leaders in society

#How Coach Revolutionized their Brand in 2020

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