The Rise of Bottega Veneta

How Daniel Lee Changed the Brand
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The company formed in the mid-1960s in Italy by Renzo Zengiaro is still standing strong today. We’ve seen many Fashion brands fall by the wayside and become “distant memories” due to failing to rise to the demands of the times and also, most recently, to COVID-19. Bottega Veneta, however, experienced a rebirth in2018 thanks to its innovative, forward-thinking designer Daniel Lee.

The Rise of Bottega Veneta: How Daniel Lee Changed the Brand

The brand has had many ups and downs since the 2000s where they hired and fired several artistic directors but they have always been in search of a fresh new, artistic designer. This is when British Designer Daniel Lee answered the call and was hired as the new artistic director. Lee had big plans for the brand and wanted to keep things classic but modern and putting his personal spin on the brand and opted to take things back to the 90s.

The 90s have always been an interesting time in fashion as it is off the heels of the ’80s known for its bright bold colors and power shoulders. The 90s paved the way for natural, subdued, classic looks that are timeless.  

The Bottega Veneta Pouch Bag

bottega pouch bag

Lee made his debut during Milan Fashion Week where he presented the SS20 Collection which was well received by Industry Professionals, Buyers, and of course Influencers. Bottega Veneta was now being shared all over social media just as much as Chanel, Celine, and Saint Laurent. The brand was buzzing again and was on everyone’s lips where the most sought-after items were the padded/ braided mules and the BV’s Pouch Bag. The Pouch Bag is an over-the-shoulder piece whose airy visage is complemented by its supple leather and has been the most talked-about item on social media. It has become the top three of the most talked-about fashion items at every fashion week.  Other than the Pouch Bag, there is also the Cassette Bag and the Arco Bag that are equally as popular and well-sought after.

The Bottega Veneta Mules

bottega veneta

Daniel lee has used the 90s design in designing Bottega Veneta’s brand new sandal The “Lido Sandals”; the square-toed shoes are comfortable and, at the same time, classy. The leather shoe has been appreciated by many people in the world, and currently, it’s hard to scroll for more than 30 seconds without coming across one of these shoes. This shape and style continued throughout their design to include the Stretch Pumps.

He was able to still keep the brand to its classic roots but, offering a modern take on items that were worn in the 90s. 

Key Takeaways

  • Bottega Veneta was able to make a comeback by hiring a young artistic director
  • Daniel Lee opted to keep the brand classic while modern by simply making a 90s staple heel (the mule) more modern
  • Social Media and Influencer Marketing played a huge role in the success of Bottega Veneta
  • The brand focused on 2 major products (the mule and the pouch bag) and kept updating them each season

Under the leadership of the young creative director, Bottega Veneta has been making lots of profit with most of its products in the SS20 collection selling out quickly. The company was able to earn 1.27 and 1.17 billion euros in revenue in 2018 and 2019, respectively. 85% of the income comes from the leather product from the brand.

#The Rise of Bottega Veneta 

#The Rise of Bottega Veneta 

#The Rise of Bottega Veneta 

#The Rise of Bottega Veneta 

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