WiPay Set to Break Guinness World Record with Project 1000

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“If all I do is win no matter what” was a brand, it would definitely be WiPay Caribbean. The Caribbean- based online payment processing company is set to take on a new challenge, which involves breaking a Guinness World Record.

The brand that was instrumental in the launch and success of the E-Commerce National Delivery System (ENDS) in Jamaica, recently announced its “Project 1000” initiative. WiPay through its affiliate company WiShops, is gifting 1000 businesses FREE eCommerce websites. 

WiShops is an All-In-One eCommerce solution for your business that enables you to build out your online store in minutes and accept payments on your website right away, WiShops offers over 800 store templates and comes with WiPay’s payment gateway already built in. 

WiPay Caribbean

This initiative will allow business owners offering products and services to sell online and get paid directly to their local bank account through WiPay. As an online service provider processing payments is a major pain-point as very few banks allow you to link your local account. Getting money in hand or in my bank account is definitely a struggle, and I’m glad that WiPay has offered a solution to this problem.

WiPay Set to Break Guinness World Record with Project 1000

The store will come eCommerce ready which means very little technical skill is required, and all you will have to do is drag and drop items on the site. Think of major sites like Shopify and the way they operate, then add some Caribbean Flavour and you get the general premise of WiShops. The best part about this is that it will be FREE through this one time offer. Along with your eCommerce site, you also get:

  • FREE Web-development tools
  • FREE Mobile App
  • FREE Technical Support

The way it will work is that you will register through the link on WiPay’s Social Media Pages (CLICK HERE) where you will be taken to a google form to submit your information. Once you’ve shared the relevant information, you will be sent a confirmation email for the date when “ Project 1000” will go live. 

Project 1000 will go live on Sunday May 16, 2021 in the form of a live tutorial where the WiPay team will show you how to set up the site in 25 minutes, after which you will be instructed when to go live. Just imagine 1000 people hitting “publish” on their eCommerce sites at once. This will be a major accomplishment for the brand and the state of eCommerce in Jamaica.

WiPay Jamaica
Kibwe McGann- WiPay Jamaica, Country Manager

According to Kibwe McGann, WiPay Jamaica’s Country Manager, 

This event is our contribution towards the acceleration of eCommerce adoption for Jamaica and for ALL Caribbean WiPay territories. We’ve all been set back by the Covid-19 pandemic. If we can assist in getting everyone equipped for the ‘new-normal’, then we all win ”

eCommerce in the Caribbean is valued at USD$5Billion, with an anticipated growth rate of 25% per annum. Now is the time to get your business online, the world is changing rapidly to being more digitized and you need to be a part of it or get left behind.

Let’s help WiPay break the Guinness World Record by being a part of Project 1000.

You can sign up for your FREE eCommerce site here: https://forms.gle/TvWHVBC5yBRsFr1a8

For more information visit 

www.wishopscaribbean.com | www.wipayjamaica.com | or email project1000@wipaytoday.com 

#WiPay Set to Break Guinness World Record with Project 1000

#WiPay Set to Break Guinness World Record with Project 1000

#WiPay Set to Break Guinness World Record with Project 1000

#WiPay Set to Break Guinness World Record with Project 1000


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