Breaking Down the Boughie Black Ladies in TV

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2020 is the year we truly understood what “feminine energy” meant. There are some women who have mastered the art of being all “pink and fuzzy”, while ruling with an iron fist and command the attention and respect of both men and women alike.

Some of the ladies that I can remember who fall into this category are all from T.V. We’ve all heard the term Boughie, and the meaning and spelling have unfortunately been watered down to match society’s lack of critical thinking. Before I go any further, please read below the correct definition and spelling of “Boughie”.

In Marxist theory, the bourgeoisie are the middle-class people who own most of the wealth in a capitalist system.

Breaking Down the Boughie Black Ladies in TV

There are certain characteristics all these women have in common, no matter the era or what their line of work were. See below for this breakdown and a few honourable mentions.

Toni Childs Girlfriend

  • They always dress the part: As young women, and people in general, there are two (2) schools of thought as it relates to dressing up. “Dress for the job you want, and not the job you have” and “How you dress, is how people will treat you”.  These Black ladies in TV always show up looking their best even when they might not be feeling their best. Let’s take for example, Toni Childs from Girlfriends. Toni was always well dressed from head to toe in designer digs. She blurred the lines between sexy and professional with her cleavage bearing tops and sensible pencil skirts and high-heels.
  • They always have high paying jobs: Let me just slide Miss Joan Carol Clayton, the Queen of all Holidays at this part of the article. Joan was a another of the Girlfriends who was a successful Attorney -at-Law at a top L.A firm. She graduated  the top of her class from Howard University and worked all the way up to partner, (before she quit and started a Tapas Bar). The point is, feminine energy is far from stupidity, you have to work hard and be the best at everything even if you land a guy who is well off and can help you out financially. I found that a lot of these women found a man who makes the same as them or more, just so they can continue to live a life they are accustomed to. 

Joan Clayton Girlfriends

  • Confidence is a must: How can you own your feminine energy without being confident? You have to know and believe you are the best as a person and what you do. Confidence in this case is worn as a badge of honour and is a way to command the attention from the right person/people without being viewed as cocky or selfish. It’s having the right amount of confidence to pull off a number of looks and being able to get the job done by pulling on the resources you’ve amassed over the years.
  • They never take NO for an answer: For the Boughie Black woman , “No” is a word that is not in their vocabulary.  They know exactly what they want and believe that everyone around them should try their best to ensure their needs are met. This is not selfish if you are thinking that, it’s just the way they think. I was working with a client who knew exactly what she wanted for her brand and even knew all the dimensions of things she wanted in print. She knew things a lot of men didn’t think she knew and more importantly, because she knew all these things, she knew they could be done, so “NO” was never an option for her.  A perfect example of this type of woman is “CoCo” from “Dear White People”, she knew exactly what she wants and always got her way. She’s not afraid of competing with the guys even if it means being perceived as a “you know what”.

Coco- Dear White People

They never settle, no matter what: Did you know that women settle but men don’t? I want you to really think about that. Men will always go after the woman they want and will do anything to get her. On the other hand, a woman might have her sights set on a guy but he might not be interested, but get the “next best guy” just because she can “work with him”. The Boughie Black Woman is never one to settle. They always look for a man with the same energy as them, make the same or more, has the same level of education and is on a similar path. I have found that in almost of every one of these sitcoms or movie, that is always the case. One example I can think of off the top of my head is Keith and Shante’ in “2 Can Play that Game”. They were both young, successful black professionals who were at the top of their game which was shown by the jobs they had, the cars they drove and their overall lifestyle.

2 can play that game

Being a Boughie Black woman on TV is far from frivolous and materialistic. It is a strong title that involves intelligence, whit, charm and being a critical thinker and of course using feminine energy.

Who are some of your favourite Boughie Black woman on T.V? Tell us in the comments section below.

#Breaking Down the Boughie Black Ladies in TV

#Breaking Down the Boughie Black Ladies in TV

#Breaking Down the Boughie Black Ladies in TV

#Breaking Down the Boughie Black Ladies in TV

#Breaking Down the Boughie Black Ladies in TV

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