How to Start and Launch a Successful Side Hustle

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The world as we know it has changed since the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, which saw many individuals being laid off from jobs that sent the world into a frenzy. 

“Job Security” has become a thing of the past where you could go into work and learn that you no longer have a job. While this is unfortunate, many individuals have pivoted and have launched Side Hustles that allow them to earn money outside of the traditional 9-5. 

Today, we will be looking at How to Start and Launch a Successful Side Hustle and at the end of this Blog Post, there will be a downloadable PDF that will include a list of some of the most popular Side Hustles you can start in 2021.

What is a Side Hustle?

A side hustle is a way to make money outside of your 9-5 Job. It allows you to make more money that gives you the freedom to pursue your passion.

Before I get into the meat of the matter, I want you to ask yourself three (3) important questions that will help guide your decisions to selecting a Side Hustle:

  1. What am I good at?
  2. What do people come to me the most about?
  3. What skills or talents do I have?

How to Start and Launch a Successful Side Hustle

How to start a side hustle
Busy smiling african woman in casual clothes working on laptop at home

Graphics Designer: Whether you went to school or are deemed as “self-taught”, being a Graphics Designer is a lucrative skill that can be monetised and you have the flexibility of working with a company or as a freelancer where you work with a number of clients. This requires minimal start-up capital and all you need is literally your skills.

Uber: Ride-sharing services such as Uber are big which is why it is now a Billion Dollar Company and with it’s recent launch in Jamaica, you pretty much control your hours. If you have a car or access to one, go on the platform to sign-up and submit the required documents and start driving! Do some research to see how you can become a 5-start driver and take the necessary steps. You can do this after work, on your days off or on the weekend.

Baking: The Holiday Season is fast-approaching and people are looking for ways to “uplift their spirits” and what better way to do that than with sweet treats. In Jamaica, Christmas cakes and puddings are a big hit and sell like hot bread, but you want to do something different and create speciality treats like “Macaroons”, “Cookies” and my favourite “Cheesecake Cupcake”. The great thing about choosing specialty items is that they go beyond the holidays and you can charge more since they are so unique. This does require some money to start to purchase the ingredients and bakeware, but this is something that you can plan by setting aside a portion of your income each month, then decide on a time to launch.

Starting a Side Hustle
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Social Media Manager: Are you good at setting up ads on Social Media or do you know how to navigate your way around the platforms and have a hang of the ever-changing algorithm? This is a job for you! Social Media Managers are high in demand especially in countries like Jamaica as many brands and companies might not know their way around the platforms nor do they have the time. You can make from $100,000 JMD upwards each month based on how good you are and how well you promote yourself.

Virtual Assistant: As the name suggests, this is pretty much being an “Online Assistant” for brands and individuals. If you are task oriented, have an excellent time management skills and being a detailed person and meeting tight deadlines, this is a job just for you! You can do tasks like responding to and sending emails and even book flights for busy business people.

Copywriting: If you have been dubbed as a “Wordsmith” and have a way with words, you can monetise those skills through Copywriting. “Copy” refers to words and with all the Side Hustles I’ve listed here, they all need words. Go to sites like Fiverr and Upwork and sign up to list your skills to get the ball rolling.

Creating a Side Hustle in 2021

Meal Prepping: This is a field that is starting to grow and with people being more health conscious and going to the gym it’s easy to create a niche for yourself in this area. If you are a nutritionist or just good at cooking, this is a great source of additional income. So many people have become health conscious but have no idea what to eat or how to prepare it, nor do they have the time. Set yourself apart and make it targeted by offering “Vegan” or “Vegetarian”  or “Protein-based” Meals since this is what people are looking for.

Building Websites: Again, this is another service that is in high demand as more businesses are going online, the possibilities are endless and are not limited to your home country. If you are good at coding, create a “Plug and Play” Business Model where you can create templates and offer them for sale. This allows you to make a residual income as once you “build it” all people will have to do is select from your templates and pay!

Side Hustles in 2021

Handyman: This is not your back-in-the-day handyman who comes lugging his tools noisily in the kitchen with his “crack” hanging out. We are taking things further and digitising this job by using Social Media to promote yourself. While there are several skilled workers in Jamaica, It’s hard to find them, unless we know someone who knows somebody else. You can offer services like:  installing shelves, hanging plantings, putting other beds, painting an accent wall, installing wall paper. Think of simple things that people need done at their homes and fill that gap.

2021 is not the year to sit around “wishing and hoping for things to get done”, this is the year to get up, be creative and use your skills and talents to make a living for yourself that brings in additional revenue from as many sources as possible.

Click BELOW to download the PDF.

How to Start and Launch a Successful Side Hustle

Side hustles for Jamaicans

#How to Start and Launch a Successful Side Hustle

#How to Start and Launch a Successful Side Hustle

#How to Start and Launch a Successful Side Hustle

#How to Start and Launch a Successful Side Hustle

#How to Start and Launch a Successful Side Hustle

#How to Start and Launch a Successful Side Hustle

#How to Start and Launch a Successful Side Hustle

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