WTF is Gossip Girl Such A Mess?

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We are all gathered here today, behind our screens and comfy clothing to discuss one thing and one thing only — WTF is Gossip Girl Such A Mess?

If you did not watch the Reboot or the original series, you might not have any idea what we’re talking about, but if you are a “GG Stan”, let’s chat!

I watched the series on a trusted (not so safe streaming site) as I was obsessed with the original and boy was I disappointed. It’s all about perspective here so while I might not like the show, there are others who love it. This Gossip Girl is for the Gen Z Demographic as I cannot relate to anything happening unlike the original but it watched anyway just for content.

WTF is Gossip Girl Such A Mess?

Gossip Girl 2021

First off, they didn’t give any of the characters personalities or storylines that make sense as they can all be deemed as “flat characters”. Julien is the Queen B and the show’s “it” girl who is an influencer and socialite. She gives Serena vibes just without the amazing Fashion pieces and like Serena, she is self-centred. She is known to get whatever she wants and lives with her “DJ”, dad who is hardly home because he plays gigs all over the world (and had a secret relationship).  The character that annoys me the most is “Obie”, the show’s Billionaire who is not about his birthright and prefers to wear regular clothing and take the subway just to show he’s relatable. He’s the one who is a part of protests and seem to have been cultured and prefers sitting through a lecture versus going to a party. I find him extremely boring and pretentious as he is also quick to point out when people have changed and claims to not “know” them  anymore but in reality he’s the one who has no idea who he is which is evident as he plays Relationship Ping- Pong between the sisters Zoya and Julien. The stand out character in the show is Max Wolfe who is our resident bad boy and kind of the Chuck Bass of this series. He is the most complex and developed character on the show where we get an understanding of why he behaves the way he does. He has two dads who teaches him to be his authentic self and this is explored by him being bi-sexual and is not afraid to express who he is.

The Characters

Max is the epitome between “wealthy kid” and “future businessman” like Chuck Bass with his structured looks unlike Obie. Another character to note is Monae, she is the tokenised rich black girl even though  Zoya and Julien are also black they seem to emphasise her blackness by making her the new black girl who is plain mean rather than angry. In one scene she was spotted randomly making out with another female though there was no back story or any indication of her sexual orientation.  Luna is BFF with Monae and literally has no story line, her parents are never mentioned nor does she have any interests or personality of her own. We only know she is Julien’s stylist and is the one who approves all her outfits and is somewhat of the brand outreach person. I find the character of Audrey to be bland, basic and melodramatic as she is stuck between going after what she really wants (Max) and her boring, uneventful relationship with Aki.  We’re guessing the “Blonde Bombshell” troupe has been over done so they just made her boring.

Gossip Girl 2021

While we are on Aki, very little is given about him but we do know he is best friends with Obie since Kindergarten and he’s the only Asian kid in the friend group though this seems to be swept under the rug.  He is struggling with his sexuality against his homophobic father and detached Asian Mom who offer little support since they are never home. Zoya is Julien’s younger sister who is just 15 and is known as down to earth, outspoken to a fault and just trying to navigate life in the Upper East Side — she is a freshman and can be deemed as the “Jenny Humphrey” of the group without any edge or skill. If we missed a character, it’s because they didn’t stand out in any way and is super boring. 

The Minions aka “Friends of the Queen B”

Gossip Girl 2021

In this Gossip Girl Reboot, the “minions” are downright evil and makes it their mission to destroy whoever cross their paths who unlike Blair’s minions were smart, calculated and well dressed. Blair’s minions are known to have well-thought out “take-downs” with a detailed plan to get rid of anyone who stands in the way of Blair being on top. These girls put the mean in “mean girl” and are unapologetic! I have no idea what the writers were thinking but this was distasteful.

The Teachers

Next on the chopping block are the teachers! A set of teachers have joined forces to be the new “Gossip Girl” as a unit. They receive tips from multiple sources to expose the lives of students as payback for their entitled behaviour. They stalked and harassed the students to get the story which is not only extremely creepy, but immoral. We are still waiting on Kate’s story line to be developed as the only things we know about her is that she is an aspiring writer who lives alone and teaching might not be her strong point. There has to be a motive behind her being this driven and committed to messing up the student’s lives. Could she be related to Juliet and Ben from the original series perhaps? Let’s wait and see!

The Fashion

Gossip Girl Gossip Girl 2021

The original Gossip Girl had all the characters serving up looks for days (even Vanessa). None of the looks in my opinion were aspirational or inspirational and I think they were all safe. The rich kids go out alot and are known to throw extravagant bashes, but the outfits were lacking. Julien is an Influencer and I was expecting more Bold, Fresh and wearable looks but instead we got a cat-suit and a see through dress she wore to the joint party with Zoya. I must commend the stylist for giving them cute accessories as I spotted bags from Louis Vuitton, Jacquesmus and Balenciaga — those were on point and I would actually wear them. The Fashion was not giving what it’s supposed to give!


Gossip Girl is an iconic series that follows the lives of wealthy kids in the Upper East-side. The Gossip Girl Re-boot was quite interesting in a disappointing way but I’m hopeful they will get things right with the next episodes.

Let us know if you’ve watched the Re-boot and how you liked it in the comments below

#WTF is Gossip Girl Such A Mess?

#WTF is Gossip Girl Such A Mess?

#WTF is Gossip Girl Such A Mess?

#WTF is Gossip Girl Such A Mess?

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