How to Quickly Spruce Up Your Space with Paint

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October is deemed as Design Week in Jamaica as started by the Jamaica Observer and as true advocates of Brand Jamaica, we thought we would do our small part.

The Holidays are coming full steam ahead and here in Jamaica, it is tradition to “fix up”  the house which means new everything! It is tradition to clean the house from top to bottom and add as many new pieces as possible. With a Pandemic and less access to cash, we have to be strategic in our approach to what we are able to buy. One of the easiest ways to “spruce up” any space is by adding a Fresh coat of paint!

Today, I will be walking you through the process of selecting paints and introducing you to a few fun things you can do with paint.

How to Quickly Spruce Up Your Space with Paint

Painting a House in Jamaica

How to Select Paint

Believe it or not, though selecting paint might sound like a fun process, it’s quite long and can even be daunting. This of course is dependent on a number of factors which includes the size of your home and the number of rooms, inside vs outside and of course the actual colours. I learned the hard way that paint does not often look the way it does in the can once dry, so it’s great if you are able to get a sample from the paint shop or vendor. As it relates to the “where”, a few things to consider or note are:

  • Inside colours should be light and bright while outside colours are darker. If you have a smaller space , it’s important to choose light colours as they are able to open up the space and give the illusion a room is larger than it actually is. While darker colours will work best for larger rooms. 

Painting in Jamaica

Types of Paint

This is where I was a bit lost as I knew there were different types of paint but I didn’t know there were so many! Again, the type of paint you select is based on where you will be applying it.

For example, a low sheen paint can be used in the Living Room as there is a lot of traction and activity that goes on in that space, so if there are any accidents, it can easily be wiped off.

Here in Jamaica we have grilles in front of windows and doors for security purposes so for those we use oil based paints because of the metal. However! If you are asthmatic like me, this will completely affect your breathing so I was introduced to “Quick Dry” Oil Paint which has an extremely strong scent but dries in a matter of 20-30 minutes. It’s important to visit the store or ask the vendor the type of paint they recommend for each space before you make the commitment of purchasing then realising it’s not what you want.

Accent Wall

Fun Things To Do With Paint

This is obviously the fun part! There are so many things you can do with paint to really add some personality to your space. One popular thing you can do is to create an accent wall that is considered the focal point of a room where it stands out from the other walls. This can be achieved by creating a different colour using something bold as black that is a compliment or contrast of the other colours. Think of Kylie Jenner’s office and how they played on Pink and white to really made the room come to life.

You can also paint designs on the wall with your free hand or purchase stencils and add fun shapes. One thing we’ve tried in our home that was fun, was to paint 2 side of the walls the same colour and the other sides another.  

Let us know some fun ways you plan to use paint to improve your space in time for the Holiday season. Shop early as things will get more expensive as we start to get closer to the Holidays!

#How to Quickly Spruce Up Your Space with Paint

#How to Quickly Spruce Up Your Space with Paint

#How to Quickly Spruce Up Your Space with Paint

#How to Quickly Spruce Up Your Space with Paint

#How to Quickly Spruce Up Your Space with Paint


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