Protect Your Energy at all Costs to Build Your Dream

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I must be completely honest with you, I struggled to come up with a title for this Blog post that I feel will adequately describe and express what I’m feeling and what I would like to talk about.

I recently transitioned out of the 9-5 structure which is something I’ve always wanted to do to take a much needed mental and physical break to truly focus on what my next move will be, which I’ve decided is: growing and building this Blog to it’s fullest potential and to scale my Social Media Side Hustle Business.

Things happened really quickly which I did not expect and before you know it, I had a number of clients for the side hustle, that is the equivalent of the main 9-5 I had in the past. My reasoning is to set a fair rate to attract the clients so I can get my foot in the door (though I know my worth) and the scope of work. What happened next is pretty obvious — I had the same feeling of overwhelm and burnout as If I was still in an office and I did this to myself!

Protect Your Energy at all Costs to Build Your Dream

Jhene Aiko Protect your energy

This time around I would get things right as they would be on my terms, but they have been the same. Though I’m home, I dread turning on my computer to check my e-mails to see what strange request I would get from a client who have decided the amount they want to pay all because of Fear. There is always the Fear of not making it on my own or never being able to find enough clients just so I can pay my bills and survive. On the other side of this, I know I am not the only person who have gone through this as there has been many before me who have had immense success and people who are in the same position as me.  The major difference between myself and all those people is they had the courage to say no to protect their energy. Energy in this case has to do with how we feel and the way things affects us mentally, physically and financially. Energy can be positive or negative and is dependent on the decisions we make as well as choices.

As I was thinking about all this to put together this Blog Post, I saw a caption from Author, Entrepreneur and Speaker, Nicole McLaren Campbell on Instagram that said:

If you’re resenting and blaming based on choices you made … listen to this 🔈

Make a list and document the feeling and have courage next time around … to just say NO!

Your choices are to support your best energy in reaching your goals and fulfilling your destiny and …

You might be afraid to miss the client or the opportunity or that person thinking badly
Of you …

But, saying NO to what doesn’t feel good in your gut and causes you stress and pressure – saying NO will serve your mission – you lose nothing.

Trust me.

This could not have come at a better time as while I do not regret the decision I’ve made to work for myself and know all the challenges that come with this, I regret not saying no to all those difficult clients who have been causing me stress. I want to wake up and feel happy, motivated and “light” and extremely excited to work instead of feeling heavy and sick and not liking the type of clients I have to deal with. As Nicole said in her video, write down the exact feelings and emotions and the date so you’ll make note to never do it again.

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As of Tuesday October 19, 2021, I will say “No” to clients who refuse to pay full price, all additional work I do that is no within Contract, will attract an extra cost. “I will operate in my purpose and full potential and stop playing small”.

This is to encourage and implore everyone who is on a similar path or those who are not loving what they are doing because they didn’t say “no”, Protect Your Energy to Build Your Dream. This dream can look like owning your own business or moving up at work, the point is  it’s yours and you only have one life to live — Protect your energy at all costs.

Let me know in the comments how saying “No” has caused you to not live up to your full potential.

#Protect Your Energy at all Costs to Build Your Dream

#Protect Your Energy at all Costs to Build Your Dream

#Protect Your Energy at all Costs to Build Your Dream

#Protect Your Energy at all Costs to Build Your Dream

#Protect Your Energy at all Costs to Build Your Dream

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