Colin Kaepernick’s ” Black and White” is Revolting

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If I’m to be completely honest, I don’t watch American Football nor do I follow the sport much except for the SuperBowl.

I have however heard of Colin Kaepernick and his strong faith and the way he chose to “take a knee” against racism as opposed to standing for the National Anthem. I never knew his actual story and his journey, so when I saw the limited series “Colin in Black & White”, my interest was immediately piqued and I had to watch.

About the Series

An exploration of former NFL player Colin Kaepernick’s high school years and experiences that led him to become an activist.

He co-created and stars in the Netflix series “Colin In Black & White,” a dramatization of his life as the biracial son of white adoptive parents.

Things started out rather boring and lack-lustre in the first episode as I wasn’t used to this way of storytelling, but as it progressed, things got better. A huge part of me continuing to watch the show came from seeing Ava Duvernay’s name in the closing credits.

First of all, the name is ambiguous and has a double entendre, since it’s pretty much Colin Kaepernick in Black and white as he tells his story through flashbacks and historical recollections literally in “Black and White” in some scenes. And it’s also him, telling his story as a bi-racial young man who identifies as black and is the son of white adoptive parents where his world is “black” and “white” as it relates to race.

Colin Kaepernick’s ” In Black and White” is Revolting

Colin Kaepernick
Colin in Black & White. (L to R) Mary-Louise Parker as Teresa, Nick Offerman as Rick Kaepernick, Jaden Michael as Young Colin in episode 103 of Colin in Black & White. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021

What to Expect

There are a few trigger warnings if you are sensitive about racial issues the way I am so you should prepare for that. There were a couple scenes where the family was driving to a series of Baseball games and the dad sped past a white Police Officer who only waved at him instead of stopping him for speeding. 

One week, Colin was allowed to drive since he had his Learner’s permit and the same White Officer who allowed the Dad to speed pass, stopped Colin and immediately started to accuse him without giving a valid reason why he was stopped. It wasn’t until the parents told the Officer he was their adoptive son, that he sort of gave him a break and still asked the parents if they were “ok” as if they were being kidnapped by Colin. 

There were a number of these incidents throughout the film that were upsetting and triggering. I know the times were different back then, but I felt the parents were somewhat insensitive towards his struggles and the issues he was facing. 

At times, I felt like they sort of adopted him as a token just to look good in the eyes of people to say they saved another Black kid. Even when things were happening right in front of their eyes, they were completely oblivious. 

Yes! There was the Black Hair trope throughout the series in which he used Allen Iverson as his inspiration to tell that portion of the story. Again, the parents, especially the Mom, were totally clueless! There was one scene where he went to a Black braider to get his hair done then during practice, one of the Coaches commented that he had “things growing out the back of his cap” and it was preventing him from playing as best as he could. The parents were called, where the Mom told him to cut his hair since he looked like a “thug” and she didn’t understand it at all. 

Colin Kaepernick

Is it worth the Watch?

Yes it is! If you are looking for something that is thought-provoking and looking for a solid series, this is definitely worth the watch.

I gave this series a 9/10 since it started out really slow and he could have set up the premise a lot sooner. 

#Colin Kaepernick’s ” Black and White” is Revolting

#Colin Kaepernick’s ” Black and White” is Revolting

#Colin Kaepernick’s ” Black and White” is Revolting

#Colin Kaepernick’s ” Black and White” is Revolting

#Colin Kaepernick’s ” Black and White” is Revolting

#Colin Kaepernick’s ” Black and White” is Revolting

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