WiPay Jamaica Introduces QR Payments

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WiPay, the Caribbean’s leading digital payment company, hosted a private event at popular Kingston-based restaurant Cru bar and restaurant . Guests were invited to enjoy an evening of food and drinks utilizing WiPay’s wearable payment technology to make purchases. They also demonstrated their QR point of sale technology. Using WiPay’s smart terminals, Cru Bar was able to redeem payments at point of sale by Patrons simply tapping their wrist bands(wearable Mastercard) on the terminal which then processed the payment as if they were using a regular bank card.

“The adoption rate for new and innovative payment technologies in Jamaica is very encouraging. We are seeing significant steps of achieving our goal of greater financial inclusion” said CEO Aldwyn Wayne.

WiPay Jamaica Introduces QR Payments

wipay jamaica

Though novel, the technology is only part of the fintech company’s bigger vision to provide payment solutions that will drive financial inclusion through all sectors and members of society. At the start of the pandemic, cash was labelled as a superspreader of the novel coronavirus. WiPay has since released several digital payment technologies across the region that allow individuals and business owners the ability to process payments without cash.

Recently, WiPay demonstrated the use of its digital fiat technology utilising QR codes as part of a national grant initiative campaign called “WiCare” . Over one hundred healthcare workers from St.Elizabeth parish were sent QR codes valued at $7500. Each QR code was used as ‘digital cash’ without any physical handover. The recipients had the ability to shop for products and services at selected locations using the QR received via text and/or email. The demonstration proved that the traditional way of distribution of payments no longer required timely bank transfers and loading of accounts, but that money could be sent as easily as a whatsapp message reducing both time and cost associated with the movement of cash.

Wipay Jamaica

Guests were genuinely receptive to using the technology and took time out to enquire and try to understand more of the uses of the technology. Most patrons had a positive sentiment and hopeful that cashless payments will become part of the new normal.

WiPay Jamaica

“Two years ago, no one in Jamaica could have imagined purchasing Pan Chicken online. Fifteen months ago restaurants still handed out physical menus. Fast forward to the present and WiPay is rethinking how merchants or individuals receive and make payments. WiPay is developing more commerce-inclusive technologies. Thinking differently is what we do” said WiPay Country Manager Kibwe McGann.

“I thought it was pretty cool. It was really innovative and definitely something I can see more businesses adopting. Plus, free drinks. I was here for it,” said one guest.

#WiPay Jamaica Introduces QR Payments

#WiPay Jamaica Introduces QR Payments


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