Black -Owned Swimwear Brand Novados Swim Launches Body Inclusive Swimsuits

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What woman doesn’t want to feel comfortable in a swimsuit? It’s incredibly empowering. – Sara Rue

Novados Swim is a brand we recently discovered at the just a few months ago and our interest was piqued. This is simply because it is a Black-Owned Swimsuit brand that features sustainable swimwear that merges Caribbean and North American Culture. 

About The Brand

Novados is a luxury crochet swimwear collection that aims to create sustainable handmade pieces with minimal impact on the environment and oceans. The debut crochet collection features curve highlighting designs that encourage women to embrace their natural curves versus concealing them. We recently caught up with the brand’s principal Ashante’ Nicole for a quick one-on-one to learn more about the brand and the plans for the future.

Black -Owned Swimwear Brand Novados Swim Launches Body Inclusive Swimsuits

HP: For those who don’t know, tell us about who you are and how the brand got started? 

Novados Swim
Ashante’ Nicole

Ashante’: My name is Ashanté Nicole and I am originally from NYC where I attended the fashion institute of technology. I went to the business school and eventually got into wardrobe styling before I settled on fashion and beauty public relations. My goal was always to start a brand but I didn’t know what type so I crafted a career where I could learn as much about the business as I possibly could and then one day it hit me that swim was what I wanted to do. 

H.P: Did you always wanted to be a swimsuit designer?

Ashante”: It actually wasn’t. I didn’t know I wanted to do swim until 2014. I had always known I didn’t want to do women’s apparel because it’s an overwhelming category to break into. But I knew I wanted to do something where I could make women feel sexy and beautiful. 

H.P: Tell us about your Creative Process?

Ashante’: My process is a little chaotic and depends on what I’m doing. If I’m knitting and crocheting then the ideas just come to me or I see other designs that I can change or recreate in my brands aesthetic. I’ve been crocheting and knitting since I was 4 so it’s a lot easier for me to visualise the patterns and drapery. Sewing is a little different. I’m self taught and still learning everyday so I try to create storylines and mood boards to develop full collections that I can bring to life more strategically.

H.P: What does a “Day in your life look like?

Ashante’: I am a freelance PR professional outside of working on my brand so my days usually start with client work between 5 am and 10 am. If I have orders then that’s what the vast majority of my time goes towards. Some of my projects can take up to 100 hours and it’s just me and my hands for now. In between I try to do wholesale outreach by connecting with buyers, or scheduling social media posts. I usually get to bed between 12 and 3 am most days and wake up a few hours later to repeat. Novados Swim

H.P: Where does your inspiration come from when designing swimsuits?

Ashante’: My inspiration comes from many places. The main inspiration is my family and where we’re from. I’m inspired by the colours of various things in Barbados and Nova Scotia but also buy things inspiring to me. I designed my entire nylon range that I’m working on for Summer 2022 while watching Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra.  

H.P: Who is the ideal Novados Swim Woman?

Ashante”: At the time I began working on Novados, luxury swim brands weren’t size inclusive. That’s why I focused mostly on stretch cotton monokinis and one pieces that adjusted better to the bodies they were on. It’s very uncomfortable being a curvy woman with hips but the swimsuit you spent hundreds on, is cutting into different areas and doesn’t flatter you at all. 

I created Novados to make pieces any woman could feel beautiful in. 

H.P: How did you prepare for your debut?

Ashante’: I don’t think you can ever fully prepare the way you want. There’s always a ton of things on a to do list and there’s limitations due to being a solo entrepreneur. How I prepared was mentally preparing to not only being a business owner but working on myself because my imposter syndrome was very real. After a decade of working in fashion with limited upward mobility, I questioned several times if fashion was where I belonged. I knew I couldn’t do anything with my brand until I overcame my insecurities. 

Novados Swim

H.P: Were there any challenges launching in a Pandemic? If yes, how did you overcome them?

Ashante’: I think the pandemic made it easier to launch. I have hopes to be in stores but the ability to reach customers directly on social media and the internet is very powerful. There’s so much more opportunity for indie brands like myself to create lives for themselves just because of how much easier it is to capture a fan base on social platforms. 

H.P: What can we expect from you in the 2022?

Ashante’: I’m working on a nylon swimsuit range. I’m also developing an exclusive plus size collection with patterns and fits that support different body shapes. I’m also working on coverups that will be available with the nylon range. 

H.P: Where can we find your designs? 

Ashante’: and @novadosswim on IG, FB, Pinterest and Tik Tok. 

Novados Swim

IG: @novadosswim

FB: @novadosswim

Tik: @novadosswim

We hope this Blog post inspired at least one person to go boldly in the direction of their dreams and chase after something that God has placed on your heart.

Let us know if you’ve ever worn a Sustainable Swimsuit in the comments below.

#Black -Owned Swimwear Brand Novados Swim Launches Body Inclusive Swimsuits

#Black -Owned Swimwear Brand Novados Swim Launches Body Inclusive Swimsuits

#Black -Owned Swimwear Brand Novados Swim Launches Body Inclusive Swimsuits

#Black -Owned Swimwear Brand Novados Swim Launches Body Inclusive Swimsuits

#Black -Owned Swimwear Brand Novados Swim Launches Body Inclusive Swimsuits

#Black -Owned Swimwear Brand Novados Swim Launches Body Inclusive Swimsuits

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